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Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Glenys Tobiassen

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Glenys Tobiassen

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Glenys Tobiassen

My story begins many years ago when I was just a young mum! Since I was born, I have always loved people and being around them! I loved the interaction I had with those whom I came in contact with whether it was at school or work or being around family and friends. I have also been a hard worker so whatever I did, I put 100% into it. I remember when my children were born I had many opportunities to sell Nutrimetics, Loraine Lea Linen and Tupperware which I did and had many successes with these companies.

I sold Tupperware the longest and became a Manager with a team of about 13 girls/ladies under me and had the privilege of having a company car. I learned quickly that I was good at selling. When my youngest son went into full time school, I decided to try my hand at real estate which was a little different than selling small products. I ended up doing that for 13 years with the last 3 years becoming a licensee and having my own business. I found I thrived on success and became somewhat creative in marketing to attract more business.

In 2009 I developed Diabetes and became unwell so decided to put my License on hold for 3 years while I had a break! I found it difficult to go from selling real estate to retirement. Nonetheless my husband had the opportunity to further his career so we moved to Norseman where we lived for 18 months. After 12 months I was tearing my hair out with boredom so decided to go back to work full time for a Government Agency where I worked for 6 months until my husband was transferred again to Albany, a beautiful place on the Coast of Western Australia. I had secured a full time job with a firm in Albany before I arrived but after three months I realized that a 9-5 job was not for me.

I decided that I needed to be doing something but wasn’t sure what! I discussed it with my husband and decided that when we returned from our vacation to USA and Canada last year that I would make somes decisions upon our return! A few days after returning from our trip I received a message from one of my friends (Ireta Dahl) who I reconnected with while in Canada who told me that the company her niece worked for (Meghann Clements) was launching in Australia in September. Meghann skyped me and told me all about Scentsy and Grace Adele and before I knew it I was excited about the opportunity to join this amazing company. I had worked for several direct selling companies but the two things that I was so impressed with were the unique products and the Compensation Plan of this amazing company.

In September 2013 I became an independent consultant for Scentsy Inc under the brands Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele. It is exactly what I wanted – working my own hours, socializing with friends and family and sharing the business with others.

I had the opportunity to go on my very first incentive trip to the USA to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Scentsy all expenses paid! I had the privilege of meeting other consultants from all over the world and especially from my own group! We were treated to beautiful hotels, concerts and had training from some of the best leaders!

I am so grateful for my amazing Sponsor Super Star Director, Meghann Clements and her husband Ryan who introduced me to Scentsy and who have taught me, inspired me and supported me throughout my Scentsy journey!

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband and children who have always supported me and an amazing team of ladies who inspire me to be do better and be a better person. The investment of $139 plus shipping and handling has been returned to me ten fold. I became the 2nd Director in Australia in 5 weeks and continue to progress as I go forward in my Scentsy Journey. This business continues to assist us financially so we are able to meet our financial goals as well as assist our children when needed. I love my job!

The Opportunity

Scentsy has expanded internationally and is growing at an amazing pace! If you are tired of working for someone else, tired of working long hours away from your family then becoming a Scentsy Consultant can change all that for you! You can work your own hours, party for a living and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. One of the best parts about being my own boss is that I can write my own pay cheques and no-one can fire me! You can actually enjoy your business and let it work for you! I love helping people so let me help you achieve your goals so you can spend more time with your family. What are you waiting for? Call me today and join my amazing team!

Glenys Tobiassen

0417 172 516



Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kristy McShane

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kristy McShane

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kristy McShane

I first heard about Scentsy mid 2013 and just reading about it had me sold then and there. I had never tried the products but I had that feeling inside of me that this was an opportunity not to be missed. I looked at it this way, the small cost to join IF (I knew there would be no if though!) it fizzled out was not a loss at all. I still got an awesome kit of products! Risk factor in my eyes was zero to none!

Come the Australian launch I was MORE than determined to succeed. I had the blessing of meeting Meghann Clements in person. She was so down to earth, so real and so inspiring. That gave me even MORE drive.  Hearing her story it clicked to me. I was on to a big thing here. In less than 70 days I had promoted 5 times to DIRECTOR.
Unfortunately shortly after joining my personal life fell to pieces including a divorce and falling extremely ill which required multiple hospitalization visits.  I will admit I had times where I could not focus but reaching Director in such a short space of time, still recovering from being unwell, coping with the divorce and being a single Mum to 5 I knew I could not give up now. I continued to work even in hospital.
August 2014 Scentsy had their first Scentsy Family Reunion and on this date I promoted to Australia’s first SuperStar Director! I could not believe it and it still feels like a dream come true. While I am still struggling with my personal life battles I tell everyone “If I can do this ANYONE can”. I promoted to the top of the Scentsy Compensation Plan in just 11 months and 3 weeks.
My team Shooting Stars Australia is and has been my life line. The continued support not just business wise but on a personal level has been phenomonal!  I have made new friends for life ♡
To think that a woman (me) from a little town in Hobart, Tasmania can make her dreams come true and achieve something so big really is unbelievable. Stories like mine need to be told and heard so that other’s can see that it really CAN be done. Success does not just happen to those who live ”perfect” lives. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen!
I am so proud of my team and group!  Without them taking that time to let me share this opportunity with them, I would not be where I am today. I aim to make their dreams a reality too and many are reaching them each day with many more to come 🙂
Kristy McShane
0421 467 909


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Tara-Lynn Lord

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Tara-Lynn Lord

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Tara-Lynn Lord

Three years ago I was struggling with making ends meet. Due to financial hurdles I was working two jobs and I was about to lose my home that I worked so hard to attain. I met a lady who asked me to join her team I then hosted a basket party that help to change the direction of my future, I didn’t realize to what extent at the time. Crystal is now one of my closest friends and my director with Scentsy! With $119 (that was all that I had in my account) I joined.

This was a turning point from merely surviving to achieving my goals and thriving. I now make a vision board every year and achieve almost every goal ever since, thanks to Scentsy and my new confidence I was able to keep my home quit my part time job and even earn two trips with Scentsy to New York and the Bahamas. This year I have more goals which I have achieved most them. My biggest person goal is to work full time from home selling Scentsy and quit my full time job! Feel free to contact me today! 403-438-0316

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Alicia Jensen

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Alicia Jensen

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Alicia Jensen

My story started with a scent circle a good friend had given me as a gift for my new car.  At first I was like “thanks……..?”, but then time went on and the nice new car smell faded.  Gift forgotten I started searching for car fresheners, and bought your average maple leaf shaped gas station variety freshener.  After I opened it, I realized I didn’t like the smell, but lived with it until the smell faded.  At this point I remembered my gift and opened the scent circle and fell in love. I was ready to scour every gas station in Edmonton to find where my friend had bought this one.  I searched a few and could not find anything that looked like it. I finally noticed the Scentsy trademark and understood a little bit about this Scentsy stuff she had been talking about. 

A few weeks later I went to my first party, discovered all the products, and have been hooked ever since. I decided to become a consultant because I love Scentsy and the quality of the products that they offer, and I wanted to share that with my friends and family. ( That and the rate at which I was buying it, it just seemed like a good plan 😉 ).  I love that I can fit my business around my busy life, and that I have something for me that isn’t just being a wife and mom.  I love that this business fits my values and gives me the opportunity to bless other lives, by giving more than I take.  I have met some amazing people because of my business and I’m excited to get to meet many more, that I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

Alicia Jensen

Independent Scentsy Consultant
Independent Velata Consultant

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Nina Pilat

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Nina Pilat

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Nina Pilat

My name is Nina Pilat and I would love to share my empowering Scentsy story!

Scentsy means much, much more to me than an amazing product, it means an ability to earn my own money, in my own time, in a flexible way. Circumstances mean I can no longer hold down a typical “9-5” job. Here’s why:

The photo above is of my son Bohdi, he had a stroke before he was born and has been left with quite severe brain damage. Specialist appointments, therapy appointments, stays in hospital and emergency situations are a part of our everyday life. Like many others, I had fallen in love with Scentsy through friends but thought I didn’t have time to become a consultant. I was very wrong! Scentsy works for you – you don’t work for it – I can put in however much time and effort I please, when I please. If we have appointments or Bohdi becomes ill I don’t have to worry about letting down an employer or taking sick leave, in other words I have the freedom to prioritise my family first, at all times.

Scentsy empowers me by making it possible to contribute to our family financial situation, in turn I think this empowers us all as Scentsy is giving people the opportunity to really make a difference to their lives that would not otherwise be possible.

In conclusion, I love Scentsy, I love it’s mission and I love the freedom it has given me and my family.

Nina Pilat

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Chelsea Blazewicz

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Chelsea Blazewicz

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Chelsea Blazewicz

Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU for reading my post! I believe manners is very important and I like to graciously thank those who choose to support me, no matter how big or small the contribution!

I joined Scentsy on the first day of the Australian launch on September 2nd 2013. It was an exciting day, full of anticipation!

Sometime back in mid-August 2013, my partner’s mum, Lorraine Pevitt (who is now also my sponsor), came across an ad by our now SSD (and good friend!) Kristy McShane, on a buy/sell page and she immediately thought of me! She told me she believed I would be really good at it! Well yes, I do have many transferable skills, and I love a good challenge and to see things through, but I wanted to be sure that this opportunity would be a right fit for me and tick all my boxes before I went jumping in.

So I jumped on Google and You Tube. What was I looking for? I wanted to find out what our leaders were like, and what was it that made Scentsy so popular, which resulted in them being able to launch in Australia.

Soon enough I found my answers. Google for “The Scentsy Story”, and “From Rocks to Warmers” and you will become enchanted! Watch speeches given by our CEO’s Heidi and Orville Thompson, and countless others. Absorb their teachings, for they’re all based on building your business successfully around Scentsy’s core values of simplicity, authenticity, and generosity.

Those key values extend to everything we do.

I have very strong values about how important it is to show respect and feel worthy and important in this world, and how in say 6 seconds, you can change another’s story with your kind words & generous actions! It really doesn’t take long to improve someone’s day by simply being nice, and I am very happy to reach out to someone who is in need of a little support. With Scentsy, I can finally be myself. No longer am I teased for being “too nice”, and I am in a community where nice is deeply encouraged!

Scentsy is a very nice network to be a part of. You will come across such a vast variety of people which you can learn from and grow with! People that you may never have come across before without the connection to Scentsy, whether they are a Scentsy consultant themselves, or have invited you into their lives because they love the product that you sell them. I am helping to build an empowered community, especially within my team “Team Empowered”, promoting the message that no one is ever alone here at Scentsy!

I am also very interested in the psychology of the effects that scent and smell can have on an individual! Fragrance can totally alter your mood, it triggers memory and calms the soul. I am very invested in promoting how scent and joining the Scentsy community can make you FEEL!

This interest may be brought on by the fact that my younger sister mysteriously suffers from Anosmia (loss of the sense of smell) and I have watched it take over the sister I once knew. We take our senses for granted until it is gone. She challenges herself to beat depression so she can live her dreams! She is so strong! She is my hero and a shining example of persisting through the challenges and the roadblocks, way ahead of those who don’t try. I am influenced by her mind-set and I apply it in Scentsy.

I am so very proud to be a part of the Scentsy journey! I am proud because I am part of a growing number of men & woman who also chose to come together united by common ground, all for the love of it and all to better themselves. We all want to be happy in this one life we get to live. Why not pursue that and go after it wholeheartedly! It’s definitely part of my “why”! I do not want to wake up one day regretting my past and living miserably. I am choosing to live as a fulfilled person, pacing myself and taking correct measures to make sure I am anything but what I want to be!

I have learned so much about myself since becoming an entrepreneur. I am someone who realized long before joining Scentsy, that I had played it far too safe. I was very cautious and suffered from anxiety (and on occasion, depression), and as a result, I had a lot of fears that held me back from living! This varied from travelling on planes to exploring new countries. How ridiculous I feel now at 31 to realise I have missed out on so much living, and settling for less. Not any more! With Scentsy, I have the opportunity to jet-set all over the world if I want to really work for it. I will get through the International terminal one day to explore a country that Scentsy are paying for me to go see, simply because I earned it and our owners want to show how they thank me!

I might have played it too safe as a result of having to be careful with money. It seemed once we had made substantial savings, something huge would happen to us and rock our boat.. like redundancy’s, unemployment and work-place injury. We were never in debt, fully owned our car and always made sure we had food on the table, paid our bills on time, rent in advance etc, but as a result, we had to budget tightly and forfeit all the luxuries, including holidays! There is nothing more I’d like than to take my family on a plane to experience new sights, so now with Scentsy, I have an opportunity to live my dreams!

There is still so much life ahead of me, so I am grabbing it by the horns! I am excited and proud of myself to have developed this “go-get-it” mind-set. I believe my children will thank me someday for making the change and I honestly feel it will benefit them to have a mummy that is truly happy and comfortable in her own skin. A mummy that realizes what steps she needs to take and will go out of her comfort zone to go chase the result she is after which will leave her feeling truly accomplished. A mummy that also realizes she is also a woman and an individual with needs and wants, like any other person. A strong woman that is a great positive role-model to their children. That is what I believe in. That is the legacy that I can leave my children with.

So I thank Lorraine for referring me to that ad, I thank Kristy for placing that ad and our friendship that evolved from an instant connection, and everyone else that played a role in supporting me to become a Founding Director within 10 months of Australia’s launch date!

Chelsea Blazewicz
Independant Scentsy Director
PHONE: 0409 727 282

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kristen and Shawn Rothery

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kristen Rothery

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kristen Rothery

Well, where do I begin?? My name is Kristen Rothery.

My scentsy journey started 3 years ago on July 31,2011!!!

I had never heard of Scentsy before when my girlfriend from work brought it in. She was having a basket party. I looked at it and immediately fell in love but couldn’t afford it. Just returning to work from mat leave and we were broke…………………………………very, very broke!!

As a mama of twins, lots of debt, a huge, huge candle lover, I was an everything smelling pretty person!!! BUT, I just couldn’t afford it. We had candles everywhere in our house before the kids were born, I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!!! Every ledge, every table, everything had a candle on it!! I came home sad because I couldn’t buy anything and thought you know what? I am gonna have a basket party!!!! So I went on our local swap and buy page and asked who knows someone who sells Scentsy?????? A lady posted another ladies name on the page and I contacted her immediately.

When I signed up Shawn was like, “who the heck are you seriously gonna sell this stuff too????” I’m like, “ummmmmm who knows but I am gonna give it a go!!!!” The rest is seriously history!! Needless to say SCENTSY was a huge hit for my friends and family and my little candle/smelly business was up and roaring!!!!

I got all my new warmers and smelly goodness for my house and I was even making some money doin it . My reason for starting my scentsy business was to get my stuff for free and 1/2 price not to make money because people didn’t really make money doing this kind of business right? WELL 3 years later I work it full time and my team Wickless friends forever has taught me about being a leader, a friend, a mentor. The list goes on and on and on!!!

The community and love our team has for one another and this business makes me the proudest Scentsy mama, granny, great granny!!!!

This business has taught me a lot of life skills like self-confidence, business management and strategy, setting goals has provided my family with financial steps to live better in the future. Eventually my husband not only believed in me but he believed in this business!!

Shawn is now my most avid fan and business partner!! I was so worried about what people would think of my new venture in my life!! She’s selling stuff like really, but I took it on and went through the comments of “WHEN”S THE FAD GONNA END”, “PEOPLE DON”T NEED SMELLY STUFF”, “IT WON”T LAST A YEAR!!!!!!!” Our family is a Scentsy family!!!!

The fulfillment this smelly adventure has given me and my family I could never be able to thank Shawn, Heidi and Orville and my team enough for, but it’s given me the chance to be the best mama in the world and be there for my babies 24/7! I just quit my job of ortho assisting that I have done for 17 years because of smelly stuff! I love Scentsy, I love who I am and who I have become because of it!! I could go on forever and ever but I will stop, I just kinda love this smelly business!

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kristen Rothery

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Taryn Devolin

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Taryn Devolin

I joined Scentsy in March of 2014. I am a family of 4, my Husband David and our two little boys Jack and Declan. In November of 2013 my son Jack was diagnosed with Autism, and that really rocked our family and changed our perspective on the world. Since that day I have wanted nothing more than to stay home with him, to help him navigate this great big scary world. Thank God at that time I was on maternity leave. When maternity leave ended in March of 2014 I cried every day I dropped my boys off and headed into work to sit at a desk, counting the hours till I could come home and see their beautiful faces again. I was working for a company that I didn’t believe in, and after my sons diagnosis humbled my very soul, my job started to compromise my new found morals. So late one night I saw yet another post about Scentsy, I personally messaged my friend (now sponsor) to see “What is Scentsy,” that’s right I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WAS. She gave me a good explanation so I clicked join, and went to bed.

A couple days later the package arrived, everything smelt so wonderful, even my kids got right into the box. I set an open house date to let everyone know about my new adventure, and off I went. However, it wasn’t really till I was invited to my directors house for a “new consultant training night” that I really got excited about the possibilities Scentsy could offer my family, but also my future. Things took off from there; I have met so many wonderful people. I have met people at parties, at shows, at fundraisers, and that girl, who felt so alone and scared, found out others were going through the same thing she was, and she wasn’t alone. That girl is me by the way.

I left my job in May, and headed back to school. Scentsy has given me the courage to do that, and is helping me finance it to. My goal is to one day be a Registered Nurse. I want to help people, I want to inspire people and put smiles on their faces. I want to be proud of who I am and what I do. I want to be there to pick my sons up from school. Mostly I want to continue to meet people, maybe people like the old me, and let them know they are not alone.

Scentsy is my family. They have given me so much hope for my future. I don’t know how far Scentsy will take me from here, but I know I love the product, I love the company, and I will not quit!

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Taryn Devolin

Taryn Devolin

Scentsy Independent Consultant

(416) 356-2035


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Robyn Gibson

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Robyn Gibson

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Robyn Gibson

For two months now I’ve sat here and pondered, how can I share my story for Meg and Ryan’s website…

I always feel like I don’t have a “story”. Finally, it’s clicked. I do.

I don’t have a story like others and that’s okay. I joined Scentsy March 2012, I had a very successful house cleaning business, but I was so extremely depressed. I had severe anxiety, which I still deal with every day. I hated my job. I dreaded waking up every morning to go to work. I hated my drive. I hated everything about my job. I’d come home miserable. I had a tough year, and one of the toughest things was loosing my Grandpa, he was our rock. He always told me “Find something you LOVE, house cleaning is not for you”, and though I hated hearing it, he was right. I was always trying to find little hobbies to make extra money and keep me happy… I was painting nails at a local school event when I met my upline, she changed my life. She asked me to join. I thought “what if I could do well” “The free stuff is worth it”. I was VERY skeptical, after months of thinking about it I joined. I did well right away, I recruited and I was making money. I was doing parties and I was HAPPY. I loved Scentsy. A few short months after joining I went to Las Vegas for a convention. That week again, changed my life.

I realized this can be something ANYONE can do. I was inspired by many. I came home so full of hope, motivation and HAPPINESS. I was driven. I took off running. May 2013 I shut my business down. I haven’t looked back since. I have earned 3 free trips in less than 2 years. I have made money I never thought was possible with this “candle business”. But, the one thing I’ve done that I never thought I would do is inspire and motivate others. Inspire and motivate others to do what I’ve done. ANYONE can do this. No matter what you have or don’t have in life. New consultant… Old consultant… or not a consultant at all (yet).

Scentsy has given me more than just a story. It’s given me a job I love, confidence I never had, a chance to work from home… Scentsy has given me the travel bug, and the best part is most of it has been for FREE! Most of all, Scentsy has given me some of the BEST friends I could ask for. The best team members to work with every day. I get to motivate and inspire the way I was motivated and inspired. I was given this box full of “stuff”… The same box of stuff everyone gets, what I did with that box has truly changed my life. I Choose Scentsy. I live and breathe Scentsy. I LOVE MY JOB! I have so much passion for what I do, and you could too!

I wrote this for my team – I thought it was appropriate to share a bit…

Some things from my Scentsy business, I hope that can help YOUR Scentsy business ;

Enjoy this amazing journey every step of the way. No matter what your plan and goals are, this is truly something amazing.  Be prepared – to cry – the happiest of tears. Be prepared – to lack sleep – mostly on the last day of the month while refreshing your system a gazillion times to see the team #s and promotions. Be prepared to be acknowledged – and to acknowledge others. Promote, Promote, Promote! Be prepared – to gain some of the most amazing friends. BBF, Business Best Friends. But also BFF, Best Friends Forever. When you set your mind to anything – it’s possible. I WENT TO GREECE!! TOP 100!! FOR FREE!! “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” Now get out there – promote, enjoy and soak it all up. Because this can really be the biggest and best ride of your life!

Now get out there, rock your business… Or take a leap of faith and JOIN Scentsy!

Robyn Gibson
Independent Scentsy Star Director

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Alexandra Hill

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Alexandra Hill

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Alexandra Hill

My name is Alexandra and I’m based in Calgary, AB Canada. All my life I have been a people person and a natural leader. I was born with the gift of gab and as my grandma would say “I could sell ice to an Eskimo on any given day.” I know the sales world inside and out and pride myself being among the best of the best. I love a little fun, friendly competition! I have a full time career within a high performance sales team that I love and so I thought joining Scentsy would be a great decision and something I could easily transfer my day to day skills to.

My WHY moment in my life happened in 2009 when I was just 22 years old. I gave birth to my first child; a beautiful baby girl! I was ecstatic and beaming from ear to ear.  Days after being released from the hospital I became very ill and came to find out that I had contracted a very serious and life threatening disease during my caesarean section at the hospital. These 3 words would later haunt me for life. Flesh Eating Disease. I spent an entire month after just giving birth laid up in the hospital fighting for my life and had to have 7 surgeries in total. I felt lost and robbed of the precious time that I was supposed to have with this brand new little person we had created. I wasn’t going to let this stop me. I wasn’t going to allow my daughter to grow up without a mommy so I stayed tough and fought back. Each day more hopeful than the next that I could conquer this.

This experience was by far the most horrible and unfortunate event to ever occur in my young life but it did teach a lot and was even an eye opener into my own life, dreams and aspirations.

To be happy. To do something with my life that I love. To be grateful for what you have each and every day. Seize the moment and YOU can draw the blueprint for the life of your dreams!! Don’t be afraid to try and pour your heart into something. We never know when it’s our time is up so make sure you are always a kind and loving human being to one another. I took these new found self proclamations and started focusing on me and how I can better the world around me.

So when a dear friend of mine introduced me to Scentsy it was literally love at first smell. I knew there was something special about this product. The layout itself and scent of the catalog she gave me was enough to make me place an order. When I finally had my warmers going in the house the smell was fabulous and it added a little something special to my decor. Everyone who walked in had to ask. I thought AHA! This could be a great little hobby for me.. I started this endeavour as a hobby and now it has blossomed into SO MUCH MORE. I can see the bigger and brighter picture ahead for me and my team. I love the products, I love to recruit and start the ‘buzz’ among friends and colleagues. Scentsy family is just that. A FAMILY. A family I’m proud to represent with QUALITY products to boot!

I started my Scentsy journey at the end of March in 2014. Currently I am a lead consultant and working towards becoming a star consultant. I earned both my shooting star award and my Scentsational start. I have 5 recruits on my team currently and as I like to say “I’m always building my empire” of fellow Scentsy lovers alike!

Please feel free to contact me for all your Scentsy needs. Follow me on Facebook for updates or join my team today. Thanks for your time 🙂

Alexandra Hill – 403-830-6188

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Sarah Clark

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Sarah Clark

My Scentsy journey started only a few months ago when I attended my very first party. I had not heard of Scentsy so I was intrigued. Intrigued soon led to obsessed! I loved the product and who doesn’t love an awesome smelling house!?!? All I knew from then was that I wanted to be apart of it. After hearing from my beautiful sponsor how it changed her life, I was wanting to hear how it could change mine.

The past few years have been tough for me and as a result I suffered a minor heart attack, although I am back to full health now boy did it put a lot into perspective!

I had lost my way. I got caught up in the all work no play lifestyle. I hated it. I missed my kids. Not being able to let them play sports on a Saturday or even just going away for the weekend because I worked every Saturday was becoming unbearable! My partner is amazing and supportive but I knew it was just as hard on him. 

So being able to run my own business around my own time and family was a no brainer for me! 

My advice to anyone who thought they couldn’t enjoy life and make enough money to support their family while doing so is wrong you can and I have found that happy place again :). It is never to late for a change! 

I’m grateful for my beautiful family and extended Scentsy family for making my dreams reality!

It really could be you!

Sarah Clark 🙂 x

Independent Scentsy consultant

Mob: 0410 322 432



Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Tara Reddrop

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Tara Reddrop
Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Tara Reddrop

Hi, my name is Tara Reddrop, and like most of you, I LOVE SCENTSY.

I only joined in August 2014 and I feel like I can’t really tell you my story until I tell you a little bit about two very special friends of mine…

In April 2014 I hosted a party for my friend Jo Andreacchio. We met through a mutual friend, Lou, who has since passed away from ovarian cancer. Jo and I had only met a couple of times but she’s just one of those people that has this uncanny ability to make you love her straight away and I wanted to keep the friendship going despite us losing Lou. When I saw that Jo had joined Scentsy, I thought “How fabulous!”. I knew this was a big thing for Jo to do due to her health and I wanted to be supportive. So I hosted a party.

My best friend, Elise Edwards, who came to my party, signed up later that month under Jo. I thought she was mad! You see, although I thought my life was busy, with my 3 children plus studying to become a Nail Technician, Elise’s life was CRAZY busy! (two kids, plus she worked 2 jobs) How on earth is she going to be able to sell Scentsy too? How very wrong I was! In true, fabulous Elise style, she gave it everything she had, and then some, and was achieving great success. All I kept hearing about was Scentsy this, Scentsy that, you should join Scentsy, Scentsy’s great… Her enthusiasm was certainly contagious and she developed a great friendship with Jo, which delighted me no end.

Now, my story begins when I heard Jo and Elise talking about going out for dinner this one particular night. Not wanting to miss out, and desperately wanting a night out away from the kids, I invited myself (cheeky, I know). Turns out it was a local Scentsy meeting with a few other Scentsy directors and consultants. Oops! I told them not to worry, I’ll catch up with them another time, but they were insistent. So I went. It was fabulous!

Elise was showered with gifts for smashing her way through the ranks and Jo spoke about her recent, all expenses paid trip for two to the USA that she’d earnt with Scentsy. They both glowed: with happiness, a sense of achievement, with purpose. It was an amazing thing to see. I felt very proud of both of them and what they had achieved. It was something I wanted to feel too. That night certainly left a little something, niggling away in the back of my mind. But I couldn’t possibly join: I had no time, I wasn’t good at selling, I have 3 kids, I’ve just finished my nail course and trying to set up my business working from home, I don’t have enough motivation, I don’t have enough confidence, it’s not the right time…. And the excuses went on.

So when my husband resigned from his high-level job to focus on setting up his own business, I wanted to do something to help out financially. Then my mum wanted some Scentsy products and asked me to give her order to Elise. And there it was… My moment. Scentsy was something I could do from home, to help my family, around my family’s schedule, in my own time, without pressure, and with some fabulous people that I loved! So I joined.

It’s only early days but already I know I can do this. I’m not expecting to achieve the same successes as Jo and Elise, but who knows. Maybe all their awesomeness will rub off on me. Xx

Tara Reddrop
0434 355 582


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Tina Spector

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Tina Spector

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Tina Spector

I was first introduced to Scentsy in 2011. I was on maternity leave with my first child at the time. I attended a party and saw the product first hand and instantly fell in love! At the time I didn’t know where this business would really take me over the next few years, I just wanted to have a yummy smelling house with the safety factor since I had a new baby.

At the end of 2011, two weeks before my son’s first birthday I went back to work and I cried every day when I had to leave him. I was very sad that I had to be away from him 8 hours a day for almost an entire week and that someone else got to see him take his first steps. Then in January of 2012, I lost my job. This was very hard for us financially as I had already spent the last year collecting EI on maternity leave and my family was now forced into living off one income. I tried to find a job, but became very picky and choosy with what I wanted because I also wanted to be home with my son. In the industry I worked in, finding the perfect part time position proved to be difficult and after 1 month of constant rejection, my husband and I decided that I would be a stay at home Mom and really focus on my scentsy business. In that same month that I had lost my job, I gained a new one as a stay at home mom (the job I REALLY wanted), earned one of my biggest paychecks AND I also earned the Scentsy incentive trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Since January of 2012, I have been able to stay at home with my son and a new baby girl, I earned a second Scentsy incentive trip to Hawaii and My husband and I have been able to buy a brand new car!

My Scentsy business has allowed me to grow as a person. Where I was shy before, I have a new confidence in myself. Where I struggled with being an unhappy employee, I am now my own boss and I make my own rules when it comes to my job. Where someone else was raising my child, I am now happily raising my own 2 beautiful children and watching them grow into their own little people with MY values, not someone else’s. Where I had very few friends, I have now expanded my circle of friends who I am happy to call my Scentsy family and I get to share in other people’s journeys of personal growth and triumph.

I have been so completely blessed to have been given this opportunity and it all started with just a little bit of yummy smelling wax and a cute warmer! I can’t wait to share this amazing company with you in any way that you want to be a part of it: as a customer, a friend, a business owner, wherever this may take you!

Tina Spector

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Laurie Jansen

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Laurie Jansen

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Laurie Jansen 

My Scentsy Story is this.. Four Years ago the world Changed for a sweet lil friend of mine Brynn Lund, she was 10 at the time… You see she was diagnosed with stage four Cancer from a sore in her foot…  Her lil family was soo afraid and unsure of what lie ahead…

So as the summer went along I received a message from Meghann Clements from a Prayer Page on Facebook asking if I would be interested in doing a Fundraiser for the Lund family and that she would donate 100% of her commissions to the family… Well first I said yes for sure!!  And then I wondered what company would do this where the Consultant would give 100% of their Commissions, and I was intrigued…  Meghann then sent down Scentsy Party Testers, Catalogs and order Forms, she explained to me it was a simple system in fact the best way to describe it is to say “it’s the safest way to enjoy the fragrance of a Candle without the flame ”  So there I was going around town sharing this great Product and watching people enjoy the fragrances and the Warmers were soo beautiful and affordable it was such an easy product to promote and sell, then top it off that I was doing all this for a great Gal Brynn…  I LOVED the opportunity I was engaging in… I finished off the Fundraiser with a Home party and Meghann came from Calgary to do the Home Show and as she was setting up I had this amazing confirmation that I could do this.. You see I love people, I love making a connection with strangers and I love helping others… To top it off the product is Amazing too…. I signed up the next night and the rest is history..

I have an amazing Family who are my everything and thru the busiest of times keep me going… The memories I have made with them are dear to my heart.. I have loved working from home…

Now my Story has changed too.. You see my Husband Fran works 7 months of the year in Saudi Arabia.. This as you know is not fun when you are raising a family and I do love my family.. I know now that through my hard work and determination I will be able to build a Business that will allow for him to retire much earlier than expected so he can be home with us and also help me in my business… This is a reality for me it will happen.. I have given myself 7 years to achieve this and I am coming into my fourth year and its looking great.. I have a great group of Women and Men that I have helped in their business ‘ and I continue to receive Support from amazing people, people I would never ever have met if I hadn’t accepted the opportunity to do the first Fundraiser for Brynn..

I was able to do two more Fundraisers for Brynn both super successful but the last one being the most Amazing !!! You see I asked Brynn what she thought about Custom Warmers and that we would put the TEAM BRYNN purple Ribbon on it and that I was certain I could sell at least 24 (that was the minimum to order) I also told her I would give 100% of my Commissions and that it’s her choice of what se would like it to go to and she said “Ronald McDonald House Laurie, that’s so awesome” Well we sold 24 and in fact it was like 126 warmers and I donated $3000.00 of my Commission December 4, 2013 in honor and Memory of My Sweet Friend Brynn Lund, you see she Lost her battle Last October 2013 and she never was able to see me give the cheque, but I know she was and will always will be by my side.. I will continue to Fundraise for others and I for sure will do one every October in Brynn’s Memory and for Ronald McDonald House .. I love this Company, and how it has taught me that Generosity is a Core Value that they believe in, along with Simplicity and Authenticity…

I have travelled to the Dominican and New York City, Bahamas, Mexico for free all because of this amazing company called Scentsy. I have been to Texas, Vegas and St. Louis for convention and will continue to invest in myself and my business because this is a real business and I am proof that if you continue to GO you will continue to GROW… I have been able to go to amazing places all along meeting amazing people who have my heart and friendship and who like me want to make a difference in someone’s life…

So if you ever thought or know someone who would be interested in such an opportunity Join me today or message me for more information… I can share with you my opportunity and then You can decide.. It never ever hurts to Ask, as you never know whose life you will change in doing so…

Team Brynn Forever <3 <3

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Laurie Jansen

Laurie Jansen

Star Director in the Scentsy Family

Contact me today:


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Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Rosanne Johnson

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Rosanne Johnson

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Rosanne Johnson

Two and a half years ago I went to my first Scentsy Party. Not know what this product was I decided to go to the home party anyways to help support my friend. At the party I really didn’t know if I should buy a warmer or not as I have severe allergies to smell. Against my better judgement I wanted to help my friend out and purchase a couple of warmers and some scents. My product came to me a few weeks later.   I fell in love instantly. I found that I could control the amount of scent that I wanted and keeping me from having allergic reactions to the smell.

Three months later, I decided to talk to another Scentsy Consultant,   after talking with her for a few weeks, I decided to join the Scentsy family. And believe me it was the best decision that I have ever made. I love the product that I represent, I have met many wonderful people through home parties and I am on one of the best teams there could be. We are a Scentsy Family.

I only work part time for a lawyer and with that my income was low. I also suffer from severe depression and with doing Scentsy it has given me self confidence that I normally wouldn’t have. Being scared to do my first party alone my sponsor helped me hosted my launch party in my own home and I couldn’t believe the outcome. I made enough money to actually keep my family afloat for the month. From there I knew that I could do this. With doing a couple of parties a month I was able to not only supplement my income but I got out into a town which I was new to and met some wonderful people.  And it really did help me with my depression.

Being away from my family is hard but being with Scentsy has helped me. We are all a family and I always have someone to help me no matter what happens.

I am a mother, I am strong individual, and I choose SCENTSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosanne Johnson

Independent Super Star Consultant

403-701-4031 or 403-934-5434

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Rosanne Johnson

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Angie Fryer

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Angie Fryer

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Angie Fryer

Towards the end of 2007 I became ill, really ill, and I was predominantly bedridden for a period of about 4 months.  I had numerous tests over that time and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, and another autoimmune disease which is yet to be named.  Of course I had to quit my job and I could no longer even socialise.  My body had completely crashed!  Over the next 6 years I was also diagnosed with Epilepsy and a terrible neuralgia which caused constant earache.  My gynacological problems also all returned.   I was housebound and being sick all the time effected my emotional state.  I got very depressed and lost all my self confidence. 

One day in July last year a girl who I had chatted with on a health forum asked me if I had ever considered working in direct sales, and mentioned that Scentsy was coming to Australia.  That lovely girl was Nicole Wiebe.  Although it sounded fantastic I told her that there was no way I could possibly do anything like that with all my illnesses, plus I wasn’t allowed to drive at that time due to my epileptic seizures being uncontrolled.  So I passed the information on to my sister Jo Fryer, who just about jumped out of her skin with excitement.  She knew all about Scentsy and had been hoping for a few years that it would one day come to Australia.
Jo signed on day 1, and I couldn’t help myself and I joined 3 days later!  I figured that I could just sell from my website and maybe just sell to family and friends.
Fast forward 11 months and I am now a Star consultant on the verge of promoting (fingers crossed for a double promotion this month!!).  As I write this I have 8 in my frontline, with 21 in the team in total.  And four weeks ago I returned from the incentive trip in America which I earned for 2!
I am proof that you can CHOOSE to succeed even when there are many obstacles.  If you say “oh I can’t do that because…” then you won’t, but if you say “well maybe I can” then you’re opening the door to possibilities which just might bring success!  In a couple of months I’m having major surgery but I’m not looking at having a break from work – I’m thinking of how I can still do parties from my hospital bed 😉
I am so very grateful Nicole spoke to me about Scentsy that day.  I love Scentsy and the way it has utterly and totally changed my life!
Against all odds I am succeeding!
My email address is
My phone number is +61 402 432 949
My website is you 🙂

Angie Fryer


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Rachel Lavallee

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Rachel Lavallee

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Rachel Lavallee

My Scentsy Story

Hi! My name is Rachel, I live in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada and I am a wife, mother to 2 amazing boys (one with Autism) and a nurse.  I am also an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

I joined Scentsy in December 2011, after discovering it at a fundraiser my sponsor was doing a few months before. Having a child with Autism, who is non-verbal, I never thought we could have candles in the house again. He simply didn’t undertand the risk of not touching the flame. I was so excited when I found Scentsy…the first day I brought my warmer home, he put his hand IN the melted wax on the top, and it didn’t hurt him a bit, and he was actually delighted at the wax dripping off his little fingers. I was sold! I loved the scents, and bought warmers for Christmas for my family and friends. Eventually, my sponsor suggested I join. I thought she was nuts. I was a nurse, not a salesperson.

But I loved the product. So I kept thinking about it. But I was so afraid of failure. I kept thinking, if I made the leap to sell, and I stunk at it, everyone would think I was a failure, and say “See, I told you so”  I just did not have the confidence to face it, so that fear of failure just paralized me for awhile.

You see, for so many adult years, I have (and still do!) struggle with anxiety and depression, and feeling like I never really belonged. I lost many friends after my son’s Autism diagnosis, I simply didn’t have the mental strength to keep my marriage positive and act as an advocate for my son, while dealing with the realities of therapy and life, while at the same time keeping a social calendar. I was defined as an ‘Autism Mom’ who’s life revolved around my kids, marriage and work. I had so little self confidence left, and really felt like if I failed at this too, it was just something else I couldn’t do.  But, for some reason I couldn’t describe, this just felt so different. I had never sold anything before, never joined any other Direct Sales company, and had so little experience with “selling” anything.

Eventually, I made a deal with myself. I would join, and tell others I had joined, but mostly for the discount. (Which was true in part…I really did need to start getting paid on my own addiction to the products, I was soooo in love with it all! Still am!) But, I was seeing all the fun, friendships and trips, and secretly wanted to be a part of it too. I hoped so much that I could do this, and that it would work. But, if I failed miserably, I could at least save some face.

So I got really brave, and I clicked Join.

It was hard work. It took a lot of time and confidence to share with strangers, but because I loved the products so much, it made it easier to give samples out, and slowly start to talk about it to anyone and everyone. It took time, but I started getting more and more referrals, and finally someone wanted to join my team! Yay! I kept at it, and I am so thankful I didn’t give up because I was uncomfortable, or because I wasn’t instantly a huge success, selling thousands of dollars a month. I gave myself a bit of credit, and figured I would keep doing the best I could do.

Today, I am more successful  than I ever thought was possible. I have earned Monthly Sales Awards, TWO all-expenses paid trips (to Whistler, BC in 2013 and Atlantis, Bahamas in 2014) and I am the leader of Team Bright Stars, an amazing, inspiring group of 20  guys and gals, from every background, and all walks of life. I love helping others, and am so honored to help others on their Scentsy journey. It is such a blessing to discover that you matter to other people, and that you can help them have a better life.

But I didn’t know that one of my most important rewards of joining Scentsy would be re-finding myself. I have rediscovered that I can be fun, I can belong, and that life is more than just working to pay the bills. It’s about people, finding joy and making a difference in the world. My Scentsy career has allowed me to become a better mom, wife and friend. I truly feel like my life has been changed forever.

No matter what your goals are, big and wild, or small and simple, there is a place for you with Scentsy Family, with me, with us.

Rachel Lavallee

(902) 999-1742

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Ashley Hill

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Ashley Hill

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Ashley Hill

I was introduced to scentsy in 2009 and when I smelt it I fell in love I loved the fact that it was safe enough to have in the house with my kids, I have purchased alot over the years and finally made the decision in August of 2011 to make some extra money and sell a product that is fabulous.

So I have now been in the scentsy family for 3 years and I have LOVED every minute of it I am so blessed to have such a large extended family and I am more than excited to see where it takes me. I am a stay at home mom to my wonderful kids Chase 9  and Sydney 7, I am able to stay home with because I made the decision to sell scentsy. I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for 10 years, and we love to go camping and quadding.

When I decided to sell scentsy I had no expectations at all to be honest with you I just wanted to get paid on what I buy, well that quickly changed when I made shooting star and the scentsational start.  Well hey this is pretty cool I get rewarded for working hard ok so lets work a little harder and I did so I started recruiting and got paid on them to ok so that’s pretty awesome.  It has been more than I expected with earning 2 free trips but little did I know what I was getting into, I was getting myself into a family and a leadership role.  Over the year I kept working and it paid off I hit director just over a year later and it has been an amazing ride. I just recently got back from scentsy family reunion and it has inspired me to get out there and expand and make my excuse my story.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am terribly shy and I CANT do anything, everyone believed in me but the problem was I didn’t believe in me.  Things don’t happen on accident they happen for a reason and they happen to make you realize something, and for me that was the realization that I am worth it and I can make it happen if I truly want it.  Without Scentsy I may still be this shy girl who wouldn’t talk to you, but now I am much more confident and I believe in myself which is most important.  So if you are willing to take this chance with me and see where $119 takes you I know that together we can change lives.

Ashley Hill

Independent Scentsy Family Consultant



Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Louise Robert

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Louise Robert


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Louise Robert

Welcome!!!! First and foremost thank you for looking at my page.

I’m not really good at writing about myself but I’ll give it a try.

My name is Louise and I am the proud mother of 3 beautiful children and have been married to my amazing hubby for almost 13 years.

My Scentsy journey started over a year ago when my friends introduced me to this amazing product through a party that she was having. The reason I loved it so much is because my house would smell amazing and I never had to worry about my children getting burnt or my pets knocking it over and hurting themselves.

My friends would always tell me that I should sell it because I was buying so much of it myself (yes I hoard scents) but I didn’t think that I would be able to. Being a stay at home mom it’s kind of hard meeting new people and getting yourself out there.

My push came in January 2014 when I knew it was finally the time to start my Scentsy journey. All my friends were excited to get me going. I have met the most amazing people from far and wide and my Scentsy family is amazing. Because of Scentsy I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I am now more outgoing.

Since January my little team of 1 has grown to a little team of 3. I couldn’t be more proud of these amazing women who are now some of my closest friends.

This is just the beginning of my Scentsy story and there will be more to come. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

If you ever wanted to earn extra income or meet new amazing friends Scentsy is the place to be. Let me help you start your journey.

Thanks for reading.

Louise Robert



Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Therese Babineau Guimond


Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Therese Babineau Guimond

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Therese Babineau Guimond

I began this journey May 15, 2013 and it brought me nothing but good things! Selling this wonderful product has given me the opportunity to expand my horizon. It’s giving me the chance to meet a variety of great people, earn amazing trips, learn the world of business, raise my self- confidence, and most essentially increase my WEALTH. 

How I got started:

My friend from work invited me to attend a scentsy party she was hosting, and because I couldn’t make it, by being a supportive friend, I decided to bring a catalogue home and buy a warmer and some scents. When I received my purchase, the consultant at the time had attached her business card tied to a sample bag. I opened my product, plugged in my warmer and unconsciously trough away the business card. After a few minutes, believe it or not, once the scent fragrance caught my attention, I walked straight back to the garbage can, picked up the business card and that’s where my journey all began.

I actually started studying Scentsy right away, and it took no more than a few days for me to know that it was the beginning of a great and new adventure.

Little did I know that this business would bring me everything I had ever dreamed of and all the incredible experiences that I have had today! I started realizing that this business actually put me in my fun and peaceful place after coming home from a long day’s work. Within 6 months, I had already built a wonderful team, became a director, and realize that it only made perfect “scents”.

Within 6 months, I had already earned my first convention trip to St Louis Missouri, where I not only got to meet successful consultants around the world, but also got the chance to listen to a variety of motivational speakers including John O’Leary’s leadership event that gave me strength to not only ignite my business, but my personal relationships in life. This first trip and many more coming changes my entire prospective on existence. If you want something, GO GET IT.

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there’s no path and leave a trail.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Therese Babineau Guimond
Scentsy Director

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Sheri Zuidhof

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Sheri Zuidhof

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Sheri Zuidhof

Hello!  My name is Sheri Zuidhof, and I want to start off by saying Thank You! For taking the time to read my Scentsy Family story!  I’m going to tell you a little about myself, and a little about how I became a part of Grace Adele, and the Scentsy Family.

A little about me! I have been married since 2005, and have a handsome little boy, who was born in April 2010.   I work full time outside my home, and have commitments through my church.  I have lived in Taber, Alberta, Canada since 2001 and Southern Alberta most of my life.  My life is fairly average!

In July 2012, I was not looking for any direct selling opportunity.  At all.  I had been a part of a very large direct selling company before, and I ended up leaving that company after 3 years, due to a change in my full time job responsibilities.  I also was involved in another direct selling company, not really super involved but if people asked I would order.  My sister in law was a Scentsy family consultant for a while by then, and I had Scentsy in my home, a little bit, and I had nosed (pardon the pun) through some things at her place, but didn’t really get what all the “fuss” was about.  Then she went off to Las Vegas, for what she called Convention.  I didn’t get it.  I mean, what could there possibly be to talk about with wax, for 3 whole days, and in Vegas in July (can you imagine the heat??)?  Anyway, she went, and took her husband along for the ride as well.  She told me that there was something really exciting launching while they were there, a new brand.  I was slightly interested, but again, not really looking for an opportunity.  I think it was on day 2 of her stay in Vegas, she sends me a picture, of what I later found out was a purse named Sarah.  I was stunned.  I was excited.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  The bags were GORGEOUS.  She teased me, showing more pictures, and even sent me a video of the launch speech.  (On a side note, I am a HUGE purse person.  Like a change-my-bag-once-monthly person.  So yeah.  I was stoked.) She teased me about signing up, I responded with a laugh and an off the cuff “now that’s a conversation for another day”.  Little did I know….

Well she came home, showed me what she got free at this Convention (they give stuff away FREE? Was my first thought).  And I thought to myself, “Oh gosh, I’m going to have to work a second job, because I want one of EVERYTHING”. And I hummed.  And I hawed.  And I fought with myself, I discussed with my husband, I asked my mom what she thought.  I talked to my sister in law too, a little here and there about business.  Then Grace Adele officially launched on August 1, 2012.  I met my sister in law for lunch, and she showed me the catalogue and the earnings potential and told me about HER “why” (thus having the above “other day“ conversation!)  I had to have it; I just couldn’t take it anymore!  On August 2, 2012, I took the leap and signed up as a consultant with Grace Adele; I got my “second job“!  It’s been a whirlwind of excitement ever since!  I had to step outside my comfort zone! I thought to myself, I’ve never done a home party before! I’m shy; I don’t go out of my way to talk to people!  Then I decided that I had to TRY.  To give it all I’ve got.  I came up with my WHY, a reason I want to do this, and I purged ahead.  Is it Easy? Not in the traditional sense of easy!!!  Is it Fun? You better believe it!  I added Scentsy Fragrance as a second brand in October 2012, and have been helping people have better smelling homes ever since!!  Scentsy family also has another brand, Velata, which is the best chocolate and cheese fondue you’ve ever tasted, and is all about Serving up Memories!

In about June 2014, Scentsy’s Founders Heidi and Orville Thompson made the sad decision to end Grace Adele as a Scentsy Family brand. It did not fit with the Scentsy family core value and business model.  While I was very sad to have to say good bye to Grace Adele (I am after all a purse fanatic!), I understood the position of Heidi and Orville and (tearfully) accepted the end of the brand.  There was a whirlwind clearance sale that blew past my expectations, and we said a final goodbye on July 31, 2014.  I am beyond thankful that I had the opportunity to become involved with Grace Adele, because let’s face it, I probably never would have joined the Scentsy Family had it not been for Grace Adele.  I’m very excited to see where my future is headed with Scentsy Fragrance!

I have thus far attended 3 life-changing Spring Sprint conferences, and a very special team Opportunity meeting.  I plan on attending Scentsy Family Reunion in July 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I’m working hard to earn our next incentive trip, which is all expenses paid Puerto Rican cruise!!  I would LOVE to help you get started on your journey with Scentsy Family, either in Scentsy Fragrance or Velata. I am seeking team mates from every province and territory, and soon into the USA, Australia, and parts of Europe!  Also, Scentsy Family has just announced expansion into Spain and France!!  Scentsy is making huge strides to become a global brand and it’s incredibly exciting!  When you join the Scentsy Family, you truly do become part of a family, not just a consultant in a huge company.  I have met so many inspirational people in my journey, and count many of them as friends and mentors.  I can’t wait to help you become part of this community!

 email is OR 

phone number is 403-393-4268

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Christine Coltart-Dickau

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Christine Coltart-Dickau

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Christine Coltart-Dickau

I’ve been with Scentsy Family for a year and a half and let me tell you , it’s really changed my life for the better and my house smells pretty amazing too.

Before I became a consultant I literally was sick to my stomach over being in crowds ( even a small gathering of new family members that I haven’t met )

My then boyfriend ( now husband) and I after we ordered three scents and a warmer asked if we could smell all the testers,we literally curled up on the couch after the kids went to bed and smelled all the delicious flavours.

We had a like it, love it  and a hate it pile , when we were half way through we realized we had Soooo many in the like pile !   My husband said to me ” Christine you can actually make money at doing this , making others houses smell good , let’s go for it ! ”
So a few days before I turned thirty we decided to go for it , and that was the beginning of my transformation !  Even our families started noticing I could talk to people with being less stressed and growing into a butterfly of less nerves !!

Now an amazing year and a half later  my amazing team is growing , I’ve got to go on my first incentive trip that I earned for one ,any trips envelope fourth will be earned for two!  This amazing opportunity showed me that we can have financial freedom for our family  and allow me to stay home with our two beautiful young  children and enjoy them ! I’m so blessed to have such a supportive husband on this entire journey as well, I couldn’t do this without him!

What Scentsy family has taught me is to have faith in myself and that I am an empowered woman , I can do anything I put my mind to, yes it takes hard work and dedication but to have goals and crush them out of the park has been my way of doing things !!

You will hear me say to my team People are like crackers , we have to talk to a lot of them to achieve goals , but if we keep going and keep talking eventually when you hit those goals (or crackers) , you will crush those crackers into crumbs and you’ll have crumbs everywhere ( aka crushing that goal )
So let’s crush those goals together and have crumbs EVERYWHERE !

Christine Coltart-Dickau

Website :

Phone  587-437-5809

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kandy Rhyno

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kandy Rhyno

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kandy Rhyno

I joined Scentsy in October 2011 after finding another consultant offering the opportunity on Kiijiji. I had relocated to the small town of Kapuskasing, Ontario in the late summer of 2009 with my three children: Rachael, Nick and Josh.

Life continued to be busy….new town, new home, new relationship and after a year, I found myself yearning to go out and return to work. I was only able to find part time occasional jobs and being in a French community, limited my choices.

When I came across the ad, I thought……..why not. I had never heard of this direct selling company and loved the idea of a safe, alternative to scented candles. After speaking with Superstar Director, Meghann Clements, I thought “I could do this”. I was not looking for a career of being a Scentsy Consultant but figured some extra spending money would be nice to help supplement my income. PLUS after viewing the products….I immediately fell in love with them. The investment of $119.00 was doable and I figured if I could not make much of it and did not enjoy it, I would still have these great products and I could be my own customer.

I was so excited when I got my kit and all the samples that came. I immediately introduced my friends up here to Scentsy and they all fell in love too. How can you not fall in love with scents that would bring up so much wonderful memories…..baked apple pie, clean breeze and newborn nursery to name a few. I had a few shows and did an open house. I was happy with my little business. My first recruit signed up about 11 months later. She came to me after a friend of mine showed her the catalogues. It was great. That October 2012 I had my first REAL big party. Someone had contacted me through my website and wanted me to go to their house and do a show. Now……this one I was nervous for……as it would be me presenting these amazing products in front of people I did not know. The show was a tremendous success……and very rewarding cause I realized…..hey…….I DID IT & I AM STILL STANDING. From that show, many more shows would follow.

I attended Spring Sprint that year in February 2013 and had the pleasure of meeting my Superstar Director Meghann Clements and many other consultants who are a part of the team I am on. Spring Sprint is a one day conference, offering different training ideas and brainstorming. Our theme that year was WHY……..WHY did you chose to join Scentsy? I had never really thought of it until later that night when Meghann and I were talking as we were going to a team social. My WHY is my KIDS. You see, I am really a single mom. My childrens’ father passed away in 2009 after taking his own life. I now had the responsibility of my three children, who at the time were 14, 13 and 10.….today 20, 18 and 15. Yes, there was some money left for them but I did receive a monthly allowance for them to continue to raise them. My kids were all athletically involved in sports from skating, swimming and hockey. I wanted to ensure that especially when my youngest goes away to pursue his post secondary studies in a couple of years, that I am able to help support him financially, without incurring any additional student loans or debts. As well……I wanted to be known for something that I was doing FOR ME. For years I had worked for my then husband. I had given up my career when our child was born. I wanted people to know me now for ME and what I am doing with my Scentsy business. It was after Spring Sprint I had signed on my second recruit. Leaving Spring Sprint left me feeling I could talk to people about joining.

This past August 2013, to my amazement, I had three other girls sign up under me. All had been customers or hostesses and now my little team was growing. In all honesty, I never expected this to happen. From there some of them have added recruits under them and I have added a few more myself. The fall and winter was a great selling season, as it typically is with the holidays. The company is wonderful. They do not ask that you sell a certain quota per month, unlike other companies, its up to you how you want to work your business. They offer all inclusive incentive trips as well, which I had the pleasure of going to this past June. I got to spend four fabulous nights at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Earning this trip was easier then I thought and I never could have done it without Meghann encouraging me on and the rest of my team and customers who helped me to obtain this goal. My growing is not done. I still have a lot to learn and do. I have a Superstar Director who encourages me and believes in me. Its taken time but I am now slowly believing in myself. For years I have been put down but I am rising again!!!!

I attended Spring Sprint again in Toronto February 2014. Our theme this year was #ichoose……… for me…….#ichoose……..I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner. I make mistakes, I do succeed. I am a jack of all trades, I am a business owner and I am that gal who now walks around in my town and people do not look at me and say, there is Rachael or Nick or Josh‘s mom……..they say and they ask….are you Kandy, the Scentsy consultant? I smile proudly and say that I am and hand them a card, a bookmark, a catalogue and scent circle……..this is one of the reasons #ichoose SCENTSY.

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kandy Rhyno

Kandy Rhyno
705-337-6321 or 705-332-0126

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kelly Hollett

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kelly Hollett

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kelly Hollett

I have to admit – I’ve never been one to order from catalogues and parties. I always find products are too expensive or I am disappointed in the product when it arrives.

That all changed when I found Scentsy. I had heard a lot about Scentsy before actually trying it myself. Tons of friends from away were raving about it on Facebook and other social media sites. When I was doing some fundraising for the Arthritis Society in 2011, I decided to host a party to see what it was all about. I ordered a few scents and some warmers and the rest is history! I use my warmers almost every day. My favorite scents are Cider Mill, Central Park Pralines, and Lemon Coconut Chiffon, and my whole house always smells amazing! I’ve always loved candles but I’m constantly forgetting to blow them out. With Scentsy, I don’t have to worry about it and there are so many amazing scents and beautiful warmers to choose from!

Since first discovering Scentsy, I considered becoming a consultant but it never seemed like the right time. Then, in the spring of 2012, I was at the PEI Home Show and a lady named Janie had a Scentsy booth set up. I stopped to chat with her for a bit about Scentsy and how much I was enjoying my products, and she suggested I become a consultant. She gave me some great information, but another few months passed before I finally decided to take the plunge and become a consultant myself. I joined in October 2012 and things just took off from there. I realized that this is a product I truly love and feel confident telling others about. I love introducing the product to new people and hearing about how much they are enjoying Scentsy.

Since joining, I have been able to earn some great extra income and have been having a blast along the way. The Scentsy family is truly encouraging and supportive and have been a great resource as I’ve been establishing my business. As my customer base grew I was also able to grow my own team, and I now currently have the biggest PEI team and hope to expand even more. In November 2013, after just over a year with Scentsy and with the help of my amazing team, I was able to earn my first Scentsy incentive trip and travelled to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in June 2014. It was absolutely amazing and I feel so grateful for being given the opportunity to earn such an incredible trip.

If you have any questions about Scentsy, would like to host a party, or would like to become a consultant, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Kelly Hollett
Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kerri Davy

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Kerri Davy

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Kerri Davy

I am excited to share my Scentsy story with you and how much Scentsy has meant to me and my family. I joined Scentsy in January 2013 after hosting a couple of parties and seeing how easy it was, and of course how much everyone loved Scentsy. For many years I had candles in my home to help keep it smelling fresh and clean. My husband was working as a paramedic at the time and would often go through the house blowing out all my candles due to the safety risk they posed. I never really understood his concern with my candles until the unthinkable happened. One morning around 2 am we were awakened by a very kind passerby banging on our door to let us know that our neighbours home was on fire! When all was said and done there was nothing left of their home and our home had also begun to catch fire and sustained a lot of damage.

It was this horrible event which opened my eyes to the dangers of open flames in a household full of children and pets. It made me realize just how close our neighbours ( and our own family) came to losing our lives in this fire. It was after this event I finally realized that Scentsy was the solution to my candle problem! I could have an amazing smelling home and not have to worry about open flames around my children and pets and all the extra dangers.

I finally decided to take the plunge and begin my own Scentsy Journey and I have not ever regretted this decision. I love the expressions on my customers faces when they smell a scent that reminds them of a favourite memory or person. The best part about Scentsy? It sells itself because everyone loves it! I have accomplished so much and helped my family out financially in the process. I am now a lead consultant and had the joy of welcoming two new team members of my own this year. I am excited to continue my Scentsy journey and look forward to accomplishing new goals this year and continuing to grow my own Scentsy team.

Kerri Davy