Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Michelle Amato

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Michelle Amato
I would like to share with you my Scentsy journey. It all begin in February of 2012. It was 2yrs after welcoming babies #3 and #4 into our family at the same time (Yep, we went for baby #3 and got the blessing of Twin Girls :)) that I felt the want/need to get back to work but just not in the form I was previously used to. I had never been off work for that long before between children and even though I enjoyed being home with my 4 girls (7 1/2 yrs, 4yrs and the twins 2 at the time) I knew I wanted to do some work again. I realized while I was off for that extended time that I actually really enjoyed being a working Mom.
I knew I did not want to go back to my very stressful full time job with long hours away from my family with 4 girls now but wanted to feel that excitement of work again, help my husband by contributing to the family household income and really felt a drive to start my own business where I had the flexibility to create my own work hours.
A friend of mine was encouraging me to do a Scentsy party for her and we tried a couple times to do it but since she lived far away from me it was hard because the bad winter weather was always making other plans for us. I just felt the strong urge that I really wanted to start my own business growing and starting researching more about the Scentsy business opportunity for myself as I saw how much fun my friend was having in her Scentsy business and the financial support she was able to give her family growing!!
After taking a lot of time to think about it and seeing how much the Scentsy Home Office believed in it’s consultants I jumped in 100% and kicked off my own Scentsy business. So I had never been to a Scentsy party before I joined and started my own business in June of 2012. I started building me clientele through the summer and spreading the word about the start of my Scentsy business with friends and family.
Then in August 2012 I held my official business launch party and had such an amazing time. I was supported all the way with my amazing friend, and now sponsor, Tara who continues to support and mentor me in incredible ways each and every day!! My first Fall/Winter selling season in 2012 was absolutely incredible and I did so many amazing home parties with family and friends. It has been such a blessing to be able to share my absolute love and belief in the products Scentsy has to offer with everyone I know. My favourite part of this business is to do home parties and share everything with people in their homes and also to help lead my team members to reach their goals and personal/professional potential in their busineses.
I was so fortunate to not only have such amazing success in my sales in 2012 but to also start watching my team grow that resulted in the most awesome opportunity of a lifetime when I earned the 2013 Incentive Trip to Hawaii in June of 2013. With amazing thanks to my customers, team and family for supporting me to achieve that. It was in Feb 2013 when I attended my first Scentsy Spring Sprint event and meeting my fabulous SuperStar Director that I put my next goal in my mind to achieve Director status in 2013.
I am so proud to say that I successfully accomplished that goal in October of 2013 and again, this would not have been possible without all the support, love and encouragement I receive from my customers, friends, team members and family!!
I believe so much in the products offered from Scentsy through our Scentsy Fragrance and Velata lines and feel that they are such an asset to everyone in their homes, kitchens and personal  style.
I believe so much in our owners, Heidi and Orville Thompson, and their vision for the company and belief in each and everyone of their consultants to make their business successful and encourage and support us every step of the way.
I am forever changed by this company with so many amazing blessings that I have been given because of it and truly feel that my career path in life has lead me to this business for a reason. I am so happy to have reached Director status and that I earned another Scentsy Incentive trip all expenses paid to celebrate Scentsy’s 10th anniversary at our annual Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis this July 2014.
My goal is to always offer my customers and team members the very best of me when it comes to home parties, customer service, training etc. and I am striving more than ever to be the best leader I can be for my team members so they feel like my team is an extension of home for them. A place to feel comfortable and to share their goals and desires and to partner with me to let me help them become a reality.
My Scentsy Business is my passion, it holds the blessings for my very strong “Why”, it brings me joy, excitement, satisfaction, a way to give back to people and organizations in my community in a way I could have never been able to do before and I hope that it will be my legacy that I leave to my girls one day, showing them all that I strived to be the best for them – a Mommy and Career Woman – and that they can do whatever they set their minds to!!
With blessings to you all in your own life journey’s,
Phone number: 519-215-0952
website: www.michelleamato.scentsy.ca


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    1. Thank you so much Mariann. My Scentsy journey definitely has been the 6th greatest blessing in my entire life so far behind my husband and 4 beautiful daughters that I am doing this for. The bonus, I am truly loving every moment of my job which I honestly have never been able to fully say before in my past careers!!

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