Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Trista Pengelly

Trista P

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Trista Pengelly

My Scentsy Journey

When I got started with Scentsy in April of 2011, I never would have thought selling ‘smelly stuff’ would turn into such a rewarding career for me. A high school friend was having a basket party in Calgary and posted it on facebook. I had never heard of the product before, but checked out the website and was very excited about it! Having just put away all my candles after having my first child, I thought it was a wonderful concept. I ordered a warmer and some wax to give it a try. The rest is history!

Since then, I have promoted to Director and watched my business grow at incredible speed. I have a wonderful team of consultants, and love that I get to share with them and watch them grow their own successful businesses.

My life is busy… I have a wonderful fiancé and 2 little girls (4 and 2), with baby #3 on the way! I had a full time job when I got started, and Scentsy fit perfectly into my life. I could do a party or two every month and bring in some extra money. In February of 2013, we were able to make the HUGE decision that I would quit my job and work my Scentsy business from home, while raising my 2 little girls full time. I never thought I would be able to stay at home with my kids AND make more money than I was working my 9 to 5.

Because of Scentsy, I have earned THREE all-inclusive trips for myself and my fiancé! We earned trips to Punta Cana, Costa Rica, and the BAHAMAS for both of us!

Our lives have been forever changed by this company. It started out with a $119 investment and turned into so much more. I love helping people see the opportunity and helping them to reach their goals. I want to help people live to work, not work to live.

Trista Pengelly
Independent Scentsy Family Director

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