Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Debbie-Jo Willard


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Debbie-Jo Willard

Hello hello!

My name is Debbie Jo.  I’m a single mom of 2 super boys.  I have a full-time career as a customs broker, which keeps me busy during the day.  I was first approached in 2009 to see if I was interested in the opportunity to sign up with Scentsy.  I just wan’t into anything that had to do with direct selling.  I just wasn’t ready for any kind of commitment.    When I was approached again a year later, it seemed to have better timing, and I was really curious to see what this was all about.  My sponsor let me take home a warmer and a few scents to “try out”.  I loved the product, the scents and then I saw the HUGE possibilities and a great OPPORTUNITY. I felt the passion, the fire, and the amazing experience!  I literally could not sleep for a week I was so excited.  The ideas just kept coming and coming!

What pushes me to finally drive me to achieve my goals are my boys.  They really deserve some quality time with me, to see things, to travel, to see their mom relaxed and happy and free of financial stresses.  I live a pretty simple life, and embrace the small joys every day.  I love sharing the blessings that have come my way since my journey started.  I signed up with Scentsy in September of 2010 and have never looked back.  I only wished I had joined when I was first approached.  If you are sitting on the fence, don’t delay!

I have a great team and I love them dearly like sisters!  I love that we embrace each other, help each other to grow together and make sure that no one falls behind.  This is what makes Scentsy such a unique company!  They truly give more than they receive, and with that kind of mentality it only makes more proud to be a part of this company!    Its a great family activity to go through the Scentsy order delivery, and organize, re-sniff and repackage together.  I love seeing the delight in my customers faces when they receive a cute decorated package delivered to their door.

Contact me if you would like to join my team!

**Go on, put your nose in my business**

Debbie-Jo Willard

Independent Scentsy Family Consultant


mobile: 403-462-4488
email: debbiejo.willard@gmail.com

Simplicity, Authenticity, Generosity
Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Debbie-Jo Willard


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