Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Glenys Tobiassen

Empowering Scentsy Stories - Meet Glenys Tobiassen

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Glenys Tobiassen

My story begins many years ago when I was just a young mum! Since I was born, I have always loved people and being around them! I loved the interaction I had with those whom I came in contact with whether it was at school or work or being around family and friends. I have also been a hard worker so whatever I did, I put 100% into it. I remember when my children were born I had many opportunities to sell Nutrimetics, Loraine Lea Linen and Tupperware which I did and had many successes with these companies.

I sold Tupperware the longest and became a Manager with a team of about 13 girls/ladies under me and had the privilege of having a company car. I learned quickly that I was good at selling. When my youngest son went into full time school, I decided to try my hand at real estate which was a little different than selling small products. I ended up doing that for 13 years with the last 3 years becoming a licensee and having my own business. I found I thrived on success and became somewhat creative in marketing to attract more business.

In 2009 I developed Diabetes and became unwell so decided to put my License on hold for 3 years while I had a break! I found it difficult to go from selling real estate to retirement. Nonetheless my husband had the opportunity to further his career so we moved to Norseman where we lived for 18 months. After 12 months I was tearing my hair out with boredom so decided to go back to work full time for a Government Agency where I worked for 6 months until my husband was transferred again to Albany, a beautiful place on the Coast of Western Australia. I had secured a full time job with a firm in Albany before I arrived but after three months I realized that a 9-5 job was not for me.

I decided that I needed to be doing something but wasn’t sure what! I discussed it with my husband and decided that when we returned from our vacation to USA and Canada last year that I would make somes decisions upon our return! A few days after returning from our trip I received a message from one of my friends (Ireta Dahl) who I reconnected with while in Canada who told me that the company her niece worked for (Meghann Clements) was launching in Australia in September. Meghann skyped me and told me all about Scentsy and Grace Adele and before I knew it I was excited about the opportunity to join this amazing company. I had worked for several direct selling companies but the two things that I was so impressed with were the unique products and the Compensation Plan of this amazing company.

In September 2013 I became an independent consultant for Scentsy Inc under the brands Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele. It is exactly what I wanted – working my own hours, socializing with friends and family and sharing the business with others.

I had the opportunity to go on my very first incentive trip to the USA to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Scentsy all expenses paid! I had the privilege of meeting other consultants from all over the world and especially from my own group! We were treated to beautiful hotels, concerts and had training from some of the best leaders!

I am so grateful for my amazing Sponsor Super Star Director, Meghann Clements and her husband Ryan who introduced me to Scentsy and who have taught me, inspired me and supported me throughout my Scentsy journey!

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband and children who have always supported me and an amazing team of ladies who inspire me to be do better and be a better person. The investment of $139 plus shipping and handling has been returned to me ten fold. I became the 2nd Director in Australia in 5 weeks and continue to progress as I go forward in my Scentsy Journey. This business continues to assist us financially so we are able to meet our financial goals as well as assist our children when needed. I love my job!

The Opportunity

Scentsy has expanded internationally and is growing at an amazing pace! If you are tired of working for someone else, tired of working long hours away from your family then becoming a Scentsy Consultant can change all that for you! You can work your own hours, party for a living and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. One of the best parts about being my own boss is that I can write my own pay cheques and no-one can fire me! You can actually enjoy your business and let it work for you! I love helping people so let me help you achieve your goals so you can spend more time with your family. What are you waiting for? Call me today and join my amazing team!

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