Empowering Stories

Being an Independent Scentsy Consultant allows you to write an empowering story for yourself that is unique, authentic and inspiring. Our story is just a small piece in a large mosaic of inspirational and empowering stories that comprise our team.

Each team member’s story is unique, authentic and inspirational. Their stories are about many things: building an “from home” income, creating life freedom, setting goals and gaining confidence, becoming empowered, learning how to lead, overcoming fear, serving and giving.

The great thing about starting a Scentsy business, and becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant, is that there is no “right answer” about what your story should be, your goals should be, or your purpose for wanting it.  It is all up to you!  And the sky is the limit.

Our story was a “swing for the fence” type story.  We wanted to completely change our lifestyle and build a business for ourselves that would give us a level of life freedom that very few people get to experience.  We are so grateful that through the Scentsy Family we were able to achieve our goals and now we have the business of our dreams.  

What will your story be?  You can make it be whatever you’d like it to be.

You can start to write your own story today too by becoming a Scentsy Consultant Today. 

Read the many stories of empowerment from our team:

Erin Crook

Terri England

Bernie Mathews

Linda Mader

Erin Singer

Aundrea Appelle

Robin Konstantopolous

Melanie Harbridge

Paula King

Tonia Zoldosh

Teresa Cabrol-Travassos 

Jennifer Kerr

 Trista Pengelly

Michelle Amato

 Stephanie Brain






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