Ways To Build Your Network

  1. Call past hosts, see if they know anyone who wants to host
  2. Call past customers, see if they know anyone who wants to do a party
  3. Make a list of 50 people you know and contact them and see if they know anyone who is interested in doing a party.
  4. Go to meetup.com and attend a networking event in your area
  5. Go volunteer – tons of contacts that way, and set up a coffee meeting with at least one person you meet.
  6. Talk to your kids school about doing a fundraiser (if your kids are grown or don’t have kids, then contact a local school)
  7. Set up your own meetup group on Meetup.com to talk about running a home based business. Set a meeting date for an informal coffee
  8. Follow up on your list of people who have indicated interest in doing a party, but haven’t followed through
  9. Do one “total stranger” approach. Ask them if they have ever heard about Scentsy, while you are wearing a Scentsy shirt. This is great for the courage
  10. Go meet both your neighbours, on each side, and tell them what you do, ask them if they want to host a party.

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