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Scentsy Canada is one of the hottest and fastest growing opportunities that exists today in direct sales.

Do you love scented candles, but worry about the flame?

Do you ever wish that could have the same wonderful scent that these scented candles provide without having to deal with the smoke, open flame or soot?

With the arrival of The Scentsy Family in Canada now you can! With electric candle warmers to melt highly scented, but completely safe, wax bars you can achieve the same great incredible “scented” experience that you get from burning traditional scented wicked candles.

Check out our vast supply of scented wax and decorative warmers here. 

Are you looking for a “from home” business opportunity in Canada?

Have you tried direct sales before and never felt part of a community? Never felt support from your corporate team? And never had a product that is easy to sell (better yet a product that sells itself)?

Scentsy is different.  For only $119 Canadian you can start today to rewrite your story. 

Join as a Scentsy Consultant today and build the business of your dreams in Canada, from home.  It is possible.  We are living proof.  

In 2009 we were some of the very first Consultants to introduce the Scentsy family products and business opportunity to Canada.  We can help you to business the Scentsy Canada business of your dreams today.

Since that time our business has expanded to include several thousand Consultants throughout Canada, the US, Europe, Mexico and Australia. In 2013 we were awarded the prestigious “Shining Star” award by Scentsy Inc., the top award available to all Scentsy Consultants (over 200,000 Consultants) for our example of business growth, leadership, team building, and community service.

Shining Star

You can watch our story here:

Learn about Ryan’s story, how he got interested in the Scentsy opportunity:

Join Our Team Today and Create Your Own Empowering Story

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