Scentsy Incentive Trips

Hawaii Incentive Trip 2010 (All Expenses Paid)

The Big Island trip was our first ever Scentsy trip . It was at the lovely Fairmont Orchid, 5 star resort. This trip was probably the most profound trip for us as we for the first time got to bond and spend a week with people that were “living their dream” and working from home full time with their Scentsy business . A few of them told us to RUN RUN RUN as we were in our first year with our business in a brand new market, Canada. I will never forget the list of goals that Ryan and I wrote together that trip as we  drove our rented convertible around the Big Island. We were able to hit every single one of those goals and so much more!

hawaii trip

hawaii trip2



Miami,and Bahamas Cruise Leadership Retreat January 2011

This was such a fun trip. Ryan and I spent a few days in South Beach , Miami before the cruise, just the 2 of us and then hopped aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship with 1000 other leaders from the Scentsy family. This was a great trip for getting to know my upline, Jana Jacob, my sponsor now and Jennifer Burton, my SSD at the time. I feel so lucky to have joined such a great line of leaders and have learned so much from their examples.

miami cruise

leadership cruise 2011bahams cruise 2011

Disney World Orlando Florida Family Incentive Trip (All Expenses Paid for Entire Family and Grandpa) June 2011

Disney World was our 2nd free trip we earned with Scentsy. This was an extra special trip as it was one where we could earn spots for up to 6 people. I knew this would be a trip of a lifetime for my kids and they were at a great age for the magic kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and all the magic this trip had to offer. I was able to earn the maximum amount of spots, which was 6 and since we are a family of 5 we got to bring a guest. We brought Bampa Duck( my dad) as he is such a fun grandpa and often watched our kids for us when we travel so it only made sense. Plus he is the only person we know that can speak in a perfect Donald Duck voice so you can bet the kids had him doing that the whole week while at DW. What a special time for our family to do something that we couldn’t have done on our own. We also had 3 of our frontline earn the trip that year, Jenn Bleau, Kristy Cherpin and Calleigh Regan. It was extra special to bond with them and have our kids play and get to know eachother better. So many “Magical memories” and lifelong friendships were created on that trip. Scentsy spoils us rotten on these trips, not only do they pay for everything but leave us gifts on our bed each night. They always go above and beyond and their attention to detail really shines on these trips


disney mickey

disney 2011disney2011disney 2-11 2Mexico Leadership Retreat January 2012-2014

W always look forward to our Mexican Leadership retreats. They always happen the second full week of January and it is a perfect time as we have all been off on holidays for the last 2 weeks of December and we come back fresh and ready to start the year. This is a great rip to connect with other Scentsy leaders and help eachother plan our upcoming year . We are relaxed , rejuvenated and and ready to rock and roll our Scentsy Family businesses when we return from leadership.  The following pics are a blend of 2012, 2013 and 2014.mexico-resort

zipline mexic 2012mexico 2012 7mexico 2012


mexico tww

TWW in Mexico 2103mexico 2103 4mexico 2014 Marymexico 2014 twwmexico 2014mexico 2012 ry and megtoes mexicomexico tww 9Punta Cana Dominican Republic June 2012 Incentive Trip (All Expenses Paid)

This was our 3rd free trip we earned with the Scentsy Family. It was to the incredible Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana. What a fun crazy time we had with our friends and teammates and directors. We had alot of consultants from TWW earn this trip and for many it was their first trip and those same consultants are now some of my best directors . If you ask them it would be this trip that was a BIG GAME CHANGER in their business, right Kristen R? Many of them earned 2 spots which meant their hubbies got to join them . Hubbies/Partners  REALLY love these trips and you hear many of them saying ” WOW tell me what WE gotta do this year so we can earn the next trip” These trips really show them what this company is all about and you will often see a consultants business morph into a family business as a result of these trips .

This trip was awesome because we were a top point earner, we earned a first class SUITE and it sure was that. It was the size of a small house !!! I call it our Tommy Lee suite cause the decor was TOMMY LEE!! We even had Pillow service where we could order our pillows to be delivered each night with diffrent scents like lavender, mint chamomile etc infused into them. It was pure heaven and luxury.

This trip also goes down in history for Ryan as being his most epic costume party, alter ego experience of all. As you will see in the pics, he was most definitely living the ‘American Dream” the night of the dance party and he was all about the ‘Business in the front , Party in the back”  if ya know what I am saying!! We were also given the opportunity to GIVE BACK while we were there and did a humbling service project where we helped paint a school yard. Due to consultants generous donations we were also able to FILL backpacks for local children with treats, toys, basic hygiene items etc. It was a special day and one where I really reflected on our blessings and so grateful for what we have. Seeing families with so little was heart wrenching and I am glad we were able to make a small difference that day.

BFF pc

Ryan PC

meg tommy lee

PC directors

PC dance

PC2pc dance1punta cana carlatww in PCbeach PCPC painitingPC trip

Idaho, SuperStar Directors Summit 2012 and 2013

(Where Scentsy Began)

This is an extra special even and happens the 2nd week of September. We get to go right to the homeland of Scentsy , Meridian Idaho( suburb of Boise) and spend the week at the Scentsy Campus and Home Office. I think this is probably my most favourite trip in terms of learning and growing and bonding with other leaders and Home Office staff. It is this week , that we get to really see the inner workings and structure of our company. Things always seem to feel a whole lot clearer after summit. Heidi and Orville spend the week with us as well as the other Home Office Executives. It is the perfect mix of business, classtime, and fun , relaxed social time.  Some of our very best Scentsy Friends have come as a result of SSD Summit and for those relationships we are truly grateful.

The last 2 pictures of Summit show Ryan and I next to the 40 ft Ocean container on a farm in Boise. This ocean container was the first “home office” of Scentsy. When Scentsy started out they were near bankrupt and no bank would loan them a cent so this is where they started. Pretty humbling and inspiring if you ask me. glausersSSD 2013 7SSD 2013summit 2013summit 2013 0

SSD summit 2014

ssd summit 2013 ssd summit 2013 3

Ryan Ocean Container



New York Incentive Trip, May 2013 (All Expenses Paid)

START SPREADING THE NEWS!!!!! We had earned our 4th free trip and this time we got to choose from 6 locations and we chose NEW YORK CITY!! The Big Apple was calling our names !! This was a totally different vacation than our other scentsy vacations. It was GO GO GO, so much to do and see and experience in the best city on earth!! Scentsy completely shocked us when they told us we would be staying at the WALDORF  ASTORIA hotel. HELLO!!! That is the most expensive hotel in NYC . I am not joking when I say they go above and beyond for us. Infact the first night we were there, the president of the USA, Obama and Prince Harry were there at a Benefit dinner. The hotel lobby was crawling with secret service people and we could barely get into our hotel . This trip was amazing, Scentsy treated us to a broadway musical and a NY Yankees game and we even got to go to one of our Fragrance Distributors for a tour and see how our products were made! We cruised the streets of Little Italy, shopped up and down 5th ave, rode bikes in Central Park, dined at Serendipity and had the best and biggest frozen hot chocolate on the planet . Probably my highlight was the evening dinner cruise on the Hudson river that circled us right around the Statue of Liberty. At the same time we were circling the Statue of Liberty fire works exploded. It was surreal and truthfully a moment I won’t forget. It was beautiful! We had ALOT of our team and Directors choose NYC as their trip so we were able to spend quality time with our leaders and those are memories that I will truly treasure. 032-waldorf-astoria-hotel-new-york-city-pictures central park NYC 2013

NYC stastny

Bike NYC

Broadway directors NYC

NYC game



We were able to earn our 5th Incentive trip this year. Because we were in the top 100 in the company of trip point earners, we got to choose GREECE as our trip.  We also have 8 of our leaders in TWW that also chose Greece. I am so excited to share this trip with you here!

We had an amazing trip.  We spent a day in Delphi followed by four days in Athens.  Then we went to the Island of Mykonos for four days then finished the trip with a day in Rome.  It was amazing!  Best Scentsy trip yet!

1Greece_n 100


me and meg 2

Me and Meg 1

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