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Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 Australia Live Blogging

Scentsy Family Reunion is underway and the excitement and enthusiasm is amazing. We just finished the team parade and dance party and now we are doing product reveals for the upcoming Spring Summer catalogue.

Stay tuned for more live blogging.

Check back and refresh to learn more about what is happening in Scentsy down under.

The first ever Australian Shining Star nominees have been announced they are: Robin Mountford, Lila Harding and Ang Renwick

Rob Burton – Executive Vice President, Scentsy Family Store
8 Lessons For Personal Branding
1. You have a personal brand now
2. You must define your brand
3. Leverage who you are now
4. Be authentic
5. Buy into your brand
6. Create a memorable visual hook
7. Simplify
8. Put your customers to work building your brand

Heidi Thompson, President Scentsy
– contagious optimism and goodness
– be in the moment, chase a childlike wonder even as adults
– childlike wonder leads to optimism
– human consciousness can affect the physical world
– my message: connection, love and kindness
– love and kindness connect us to each other

Building Customer Relations to Generate Sales – Cassie Watene
– don’t forget to label your products
– let them experience the product
– stay in contact with your hosts (host coaching)

Balancing your life and your business – Faith Paki
– time management starts with effective behaviour and goals
– everything in life is a choice
– break up your goals monthly, weekly and even daily and your feel more successful
– failing to plan is planning to fail
– 5 Ps of planning success 1) preparation 2) persistence 3) priorities 4) perseverance 5) patience

Orville Thompson, Scentsy CEO
– how do we stay happy when life doesn’t deal you what you want?
– be “arrows out” not “arrows in”
– arrows in forces us to be dominated by fear and greed
– arrows out goes to the best that a situation has to offer
– the more you’ve been stretched, the more your can withstand
– you become who you are because of the trials you’ve had to go through
– you cannot feel happy when you feel entitled
– you cannot feel unhappiness when you feel grateful