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125 Ways To Meet New People And Grow A Massive Personal Network

In order to have long term success in Scentsy, or any other direct sales or networking marketing business, you have to become a pro at building relationships and growing a large personal and professional network.

Everyone starts out in Scentsy with a “network” – these are the people that you know or are connected to in some way.  While this network is a great way to get started in your business (talking to them about Scentsy), it is never large enough, on it’s own, to build a long term business or progress to achieve your various goals.

 In order to advance, a consultant has to make more relationships, and grow their personal network, beyond what they had when they started the business.

Whenever a consultant finds themselves in a “recruiting slump” it is generally the case that they have exhausted their personal network – i.e. no one else, that they currently know, is interested in the business opportunity.

There is however a simple way to overcome this hurdle, and allow your business growth that can continue in perpetuity:

It is simply to make more relationships and grow your personal network

Every time you make a new relationship you open up a portal to many new relationships.  Every person you know also knows many other people.  Can you see the web of how a large personal network works?

For a lot of consultants this is easier said than done.  We want to help with this, and share the wisdom and strategies we’ve gained in many years in this business:

If you do the following strategies, and make networking a habit, you’ll have as much business and as many recruits as you could possibly want.

An important caveat about these strategies.  DO NOT SPAM OR TRY TO SELL before you have established a relationship.  The chance to share what you do will come.  You first have to establish the relationship.

However, once you have a relationship, you have a PORTAL.  It is important to think “beyond” the initial relationship – because every person that you are connected to is connected to many other people. Even though the initial person may not be interested in the Scentsy opportunity, they very might be connected to someone who is.  Some of our most successful Scentsy recruits have come through a “Portal” strategy (ie. we knew someone who knew them and we were referred to them by the person who we knew).

So In No Particular Order Here are “125 Ways To Make More Relationships And Grow A Massive Personal Network”

  1. Find a mentor outside of Scentsy: this mentor will not only be influential but will be connected to a large group of people who might be interested in what you do.
  2. Find someone to mentor outside of Scentsy: this person will be grateful for your mentoring and may share your business with those they know.
  3. Join Facebook groups and communities, related to your hobbies and, not related to Scentsy: take time to develop personal relationships with people.  DO NOT SPAM!
  4. Follow a blogger.  Comment on some of their blog posts and strike up a conversation, and over time, a relationship.
  5.  Follow a podcaster: same strategy as that of a blogger. Strike up a relationships.
  6. Join online communities or forums that are based on hobbies or interests that you have.  Take the time to develop relationships with people by having meaningful conversations. Do not talk about Scentsy until you have actually established a relationship.
  7.  Volunteer for a school event at your child’s school.  Take the time to learn about the people you are volunteering with.
  8. Volunteer at your church.  Take the time to learn about the people you are volunteering with.
  9. Volunteer at a non-profit, or charity.  Take the time to learn about the people you are volunteering with.
  10. Take a yoga class.  Introduce yourself to the person next to you.
  11.  Join a gym.  Talk to someone (but don’t interrupt them while they are in the middle of their workout).
  12. Take a martial arts class.  Strike up a conversation with someone in the class.
  13.   Go to a free workshop at your public library.  Talk to the person next to you.
  14. Go to a meetup (www.meetup.com) group in your local area.  Don’t try to sell people.  Just make relationships.  The selling with come later.
  15.  Write an article for a community newsletter or local newspaper.
  16.  Do a free workshop on a skill that you have.  Advertise on social media,  in local classifieds, and on www.meetup.com.
  17. . Enrol in a class at your local community college.  Get to know your classmates.
  18. Go to a conference over something that interests you (a hobby) or a skill you’d like to develop more.  Make a goal to meet 20 new people (and get 20 contact informations or business cards).
  19. Go to a book or poetry reading at your local bookstore.  Strike up  a conversation with the person beside you.
  20. Get to know the receptionist at your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or health care provider.
  21. Go to a community meeting.  Talk to the person sitting next to you.
  22. Talk to the person sitting next to you at you child’s musical recital.
  23.   Go to a political fundraising meeting.  Meet 5 new people.
  24. . Meet the owner of a local restaurant that you love.  Introduce yourself. Tell them that you love their food and appreciate their service. The next time you each there you will have a relationship that you can develop.
  25. . Create a “personal board of advisors” for your business.  This is similar to the mentor strategy.  Reach out to successful business people for advice. Take them for lunch or coffee (your treat).
  26.  Join a BNI networking group.
  27. .Contact a “SuperStar Mentor” – someone who is very very successful.  You never know!
  28.  Join a Toastmasters Group.  Not only will you develop your public speaking skills, but you will also meet other people.
  29. Join a LinkedIn group related to something that interests you.  Strike up a conversation with someone on that page.
  30.   Endorse your connections on LinkedIn.
  31. Ask for an introduction to someone that you’d like to meet through LinkedIn (using the introduction function).
  32.  Set up a Twitter profile.  Search # for topics of interest to you and contribute.
  33.  Set up a Pinterest Account.  Engage with people who are interested in what you are interested in.
  34.  Start a YouTube Account.  Post your first video.  Share across your social media network and engage with people who comment.
  35. Start a blog.  Write about something that interests you.  Share across your social media network and engage with the people who comment.
  36.  Go outside and introduce yourself to your neighbours.
  37.   Introduce yourself to the parents of your child’s friends.
  38.  Meet a new person, that you’ve never talked to before, from your religious congregation.
  39. Get to know the people you work with.  Learn about them.  Take an interest in them.
  40.  Host an event at your house.  Put up flyers in the community.
  41.  Attend an Art Gala for a local artist.
  42.  Start a podcast about a topic that interests you.
  43. Organize a conference in your community.
  44.  Organize a music event with a local artist (get sponsors – there are lots of networking opportunities there as well).
  45.  Get involved in a fundraiser (a non-Scentsy related one).
  46. Serve on the board of a non-profit.
  47.  Block time in your weekly schedule to do networking strategies.
  48. Join an online referral networking group.
  49. Send thank you cards on a regular basis to people who you appreciate their service.
  50. Join your local chamber of commerce and get involved in the local business community.
  51.  Develop referral partners (people that you can refer business to and they will refer business back to you).
  52.  Sponsor an event for a referral partner.
  53.  Develop a newsletter for your customers and make it fun.
  54.  Get to know your plumber (see if they’ve ever used Scentsy).
  55.  Get to know your electrician (see if they’ve ever used Scentsy).
  56. Develop a relationship with your financial or insurance advisor (see if they’ve ever used Scentsy).
  57.  Talk to the person who shampoos your carpets (ask them if they’ve ever used Scentsy before).
  58. Become a “referral giver”.  Make a list of 10 businesses that you like in the local community. Contact the owner and show your appreciation and say you want to refer people to them. Profile them on social media.  You’d be amazed at what goes around comes around.
  59.  Get to know your bookkeeper or accountant personally.
  60. Do a booth at a fair.  Get to know the other vendors.
  61.  Do a “joint home party” with other direct sales consultants (from other companies).  Get to know them.
  62.  Get to know real estate agents in your local community.  Talk about Scentsy as home purchasers gifts.
  63. Take a business coach out for coffee (and get some free advice in the process).
  64.  Get to know your “second cousins”.  We often have family members that we don’t really know.
  65. Don’t be a “cave dweller”!  Get outside today and make it a goal to talk to a stranger.
  66. Talk to an image consultant.  Get an “image overhaul”. This will help your confidence and also give you a new relationship (the image consultant).
  67. Never cross your arms at a networking event!
  68.  Always carry your business cards wherever you go.  Never be “contact naked”
  69.  Be a “value-added friend”.  Go out of your way to help your friends.
  70. Find a “networking accountability partner”.  Challenge each other to meet 5 new people a week and have accountability if you don’t.
  71. Coach your child’s sports team.  Get to know the parent’s of the other players.
  72.  Volunteer for an organization that does something that you are interested in.
  73.  Get to know your vet or pet supply store owner.
  74. Take a cooking class. Talk to the other participants.
  75. Take a dancing class. Talk to the other participants.
  76. Go to Eventbrite and find and attend an event in your local community that interests you.
  77. Take a spin class.  Talk to people in your class.
  78. Stake out your local karaoke night!
  79. Go to a wine tasting event in your community.  Make it a goal to meet three new people
  80.  Join a sports league (basketball, volleyball, roller derby, soccer, hockey, softball).
  81. Get crafty.  Attending a crafting conference, class or workshop, and meet new people there.
  82. Talk to the owner or worker at your local small book or record store.
  83. Talk to new people during your daily routine (getting coffee or lunch, getting prescriptions, going grocery shopping).
  84. Join a book club
  85. Do your laundry at the laundromat and talk to someone there.
  86. Revive an old high school friendship.
  87. Talk to people at the dog park (when the dog takes care of “cutting the ice”)
  88.  Go to an Art Museum and meet someone new.
  89. Go to a rock climbing gym and talk to someone.
  90.  Talk to the person beside you at the next live sporting event that you attend.
  91. Join the Alumni Chapter of your college or university.  Go to an alumni event
  92. Attend your High School or College reunion – rekindle old friendships.
  93. Go to your local farmers market and strike up a conversation with a vendor.
  94. If you fancy a beer or cocktail from time to time, go on a local beer tour, booze cruise, beer and wine tasting or cocktail party.
  95. Take a Pilates class.
  96. Take a Zumba class.
  97.  Take a Crossfit class.
  98. Check out a local bulletin board at your supermarket, post office or public library.
  99. Check out and attend local events that are advertised in your local newspaper.
  100. Check out the local outings that get posted on Groupon or Living Social.
  101. Take a painting class.
  102. Take a second language class.
  103. Take a drama or acting class.
  104.  Join a choir.
  105. Take a quilting workshop.
  106. Join a bowling league.
  107. Get involved in your local entrepreneur community (most cities have innovate groups or entrepreneur groups that do various workshops and meetings).
  108.  Treat yourself to the salon or spa.  Have a great conversation with your service provider.
  109.  Get involved in an investment club (you’ll get the added benefit of learning to manage your money!).
  110.  Get involved in a neighbourhood watch.
  111. Join a car enthusiast club.
  112.  Get a membership in a private club or group (like a golf course).
  113.  Volunteer for a food bank or a homeless shelter.  This is a really good way to meet other kind souls who also volunteer.
  114.  Sign up your dog for an obedience class.
  115. Host a fun themed party at your house.
  116. Join a running, hiking (or in the case of Canada, cross country skiing club)
  117. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  118.  Take a photography class.
  119. Talk to people at a flea market (while you’re trolling for antique furniture).
  120. At a food truck, while in line for food, talk to people.
  121.  Reconnect with former friends or colleagues on LinkedIn and endorse them for a skill you know they are good at.
  122. Put your LinkedIn URL in your email signature.
  123.  Attend a Facebook event that you get invited to by a friend (you will likely meet new people in their network).
  124. Go to a friend’s birthday party and meet someone new.
  125.  Take public transportation, and chat with someone on the bus or train.



Scentsy Is Launching In New Zealand On March 10th, 2015

As of March 10, 2015 The Scentsy Family is launching in New Zealand.

Join Scentsy In New Zealand on March 10th, 2015 By Clicking Here

Be part of one of the fastest growing direct sales opportunities in the world by becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant in New Zealand

Click here to sign up, on March 10th, 2015 as a new New Zealand Scentsy Independent Consultant.

Scentsy began in 2004 in a 40-foot ocean container on a small sheep farm is now an international company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho with a network of over 200,000 passionate entrepreneurs.

The simplicity and value of its flagship product, scented, wickless candles heated in decorative ceramic warmers, provides a better alternative to burning wicked candles.

Scentsy Fragrance also offers the Scentsy Buddy, large and small versions of plush animals with a fragrant Scent Pak™ inside and Layers by Scentsy, a personalized fragrance experience that lets customers build a signature scent using 11 body and laundry care products.

Scentsy Family Consultants are now able to bring Scentsy Fragrance to New Zealand (Starting March 10th). This is a ground floor opportunity that is unique in a direct sales model.

New consultants in New Zealand have the incredible opportunity to be the first consultants to grow their business in these new direct sales hotbed as of March 10th, 2015.

In 2009 we had the opportunity to be one of the first consultants to open Scentsy Canada. This has been a life changing and truly amazing experience for us.

Here is our story: https://meghannclements.scentsy.ca/Scentsy/Bio

Don’t wast a minute.  Join Scentsy in New Zealand On March 10th

Tips To Build An International Scentsy Business


  1. Do a status update like this on Facebook, re-post it once a week for a month.   Notice that I am asking people “if they know anyone”, you aren’t directly telling people to join. You are seeking input. People love to share, it is a natural tendency. We have done status updates like this and generated interest (which has led to people wanting to sign up). Include a link to your PWS story with the status update.

I am an independent consultant with the Scentsy Family. I love this business and its products. Being an independent consultant has been an amazing blessing in my life. On [insert date] the Scentsy Family will be expanding to [insert international market]. This is an exciting business opportunity. If you know anyone who lives in these areas that would be interested in this opportunity please message me. Thank You!

  1. Reach out to your down line and encourage them to post similar status updates, and also to do the additional steps below.
  1. Update your “Story” on your PWS. People are going to want to read about your experience. Make sure that you include the emotional side of this business, and provide details about the things that you love about being an independent Scentsy consultant (the team connections, the relationships, etc). It is not always about the $$ when people join. Many people join for other reasons like friendship, emotional, social, and community.
  1. Look at your friends list on Facebook. Get a pen and a piece of paper and write a list of the 50 people who you are most comfortable talking to. This will likely be friends and family. Send them a Facebook email that shortly (in one paragraph or less) explains your excitement and passion as a Scentsy consultant. Then in the next paragraph tell them that:

On [insert date] the Scentsy Family will be expanding to [insert international location]. This is an exciting business opportunity. If you know anyone who lives in these areas that would be interested in this opportunity please message me. Thank You!

Then include a link to your Scentsy Story. This is a no pressure email. You are just putting out the word. You may have already talked to them about joining Scentsy in the past, but this is different. Remember, you are asking them “if they know anyone who would be interested”. It is not pressure. It is totally acceptable.

  1. Do a follow up phone call or Skype with the people who respond back to you positively. If they give you a referral, ask for their permission to contact them. Remember we are not in the business of pressure. We are just trying to spread a potential blessing.
  1. Search Facebook relating to the international market you are interested in and look for specific groups that could be interested in Scentsy. For example mom entrepreneurs, women in business, direct selling, network marketing, etc. in the country you are interested in. Get creative with your searches. You are trying to find groups that will BE INTERESTED in this. You are not trying to spam people. Once you find a group that you think might work, post your status update from point #1 above.
  1. Reach out to your online and organic customers. This can be through a contact management program (like constant contact) or just through a simple email. Your email is basically going to be the same email that you sent to the top 50 people. First a simple paragraph on why you love being a Scentsy consultant. Then a simple paragraph telling them that it is expanding to the international market of your choice and then a link back to your story on your PWS. We have converted many customers to consultants over the years. This expansion opportunity may perk their interest.
  1. Reach out to your former hosts. Call them on the phone or email them. If you email them then use the same script that you used for the 50 people (see point #4).
  1. If you have a personal blog then do a blog post on the international expansion. If you need details or wording, there is a FAQ that can be found in the workstation under the resources tab. Also there are details in the news tab. If you don’t have a personal blog – set up a blog and do your very first post on why you love being a Scentsy consultant and the international expansion.
  1. Do a YouTube video on how much you love being a Scentsy Family consultant. Then discuss the international expansion. If you don’t know how to do a YouTube Video then send me a Facebook message. If you are scared of YouTube, get over it J
  1. Expand your list of 50 closest people to a list of 100 and repeat step #4.
  1. If you use Twitter and LinkedIn then do a similar status post from point #1. If you don’t use Twitter and LinkedIn then sign up for Twitter and LinkedIn and do a status post from point #1.
  1. Go on Google and search for forums or blogs for people who may be interested in this opportunity (similar to your Facebook group searches). Join the forums, contribute in the communities. Share your story and the opportunity.
  1. Look for organizations within your local community that represent people from these countries. Like country based community associations. Reach out to them. Tell them your story and share the opportunity. No pressure. Just sharing!
  1. Remember in all of this: don’t assume you know who is interested. Your job is just to share the opportunity and let them decide. You are sharing a potential blessing. You are not pressuring people. Your act of sharing could be the blessing that they are waiting for. Finally when you talk to people, make sure you smile! You are an ambassador for this business.
  1. Get over to the country that you are interested in, as soon as you can.  This is a “high touch” business.  You have to connect, you have to build real relationships.  Use Skype or GotoMeeting if you can’t afford the trip.  Invest long term in the country you are trying to build in.

The Psychology Of No Lesson 9 – Don’t Mistake Marketing For Prospecting

We want to hear the word “yes” in our business right? Yes to host, yes to buy, yes to join. Well in order to hear “yes” we have to put ourselves in a position where we might hear the word “no”. Any time we put ourself in a position to hear the word “no” we are prospecting.

Unfortunately most consultants spend their time “marketing”, not “prospecting”. Marketing is all other business activities that aren’t prospecting. Any activity (like placing flyers and business cards around, online activities, planning, creating brochures, working on the website, and many more) where we will never hear the word ‘No” is marketing.

We need to do more “prospecting” and less “marketing”. In this business “prospecting” is what gets the largest results. Why do we spent time marketing? Because it is easier, and it isn’t scary like prospecting is.

Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 Australia Live Blogging

Scentsy Family Reunion is underway and the excitement and enthusiasm is amazing. We just finished the team parade and dance party and now we are doing product reveals for the upcoming Spring Summer catalogue.

Stay tuned for more live blogging.

Check back and refresh to learn more about what is happening in Scentsy down under.

The first ever Australian Shining Star nominees have been announced they are: Robin Mountford, Lila Harding and Ang Renwick

Rob Burton – Executive Vice President, Scentsy Family Store
8 Lessons For Personal Branding
1. You have a personal brand now
2. You must define your brand
3. Leverage who you are now
4. Be authentic
5. Buy into your brand
6. Create a memorable visual hook
7. Simplify
8. Put your customers to work building your brand

Heidi Thompson, President Scentsy
– contagious optimism and goodness
– be in the moment, chase a childlike wonder even as adults
– childlike wonder leads to optimism
– human consciousness can affect the physical world
– my message: connection, love and kindness
– love and kindness connect us to each other

Building Customer Relations to Generate Sales – Cassie Watene
– don’t forget to label your products
– let them experience the product
– stay in contact with your hosts (host coaching)

Balancing your life and your business – Faith Paki
– time management starts with effective behaviour and goals
– everything in life is a choice
– break up your goals monthly, weekly and even daily and your feel more successful
– failing to plan is planning to fail
– 5 Ps of planning success 1) preparation 2) persistence 3) priorities 4) perseverance 5) patience

Orville Thompson, Scentsy CEO
– how do we stay happy when life doesn’t deal you what you want?
– be “arrows out” not “arrows in”
– arrows in forces us to be dominated by fear and greed
– arrows out goes to the best that a situation has to offer
– the more you’ve been stretched, the more your can withstand
– you become who you are because of the trials you’ve had to go through
– you cannot feel happy when you feel entitled
– you cannot feel unhappiness when you feel grateful

A Family Adventure For A Family Business

Family Business Australia Adventure

Today is a packing day – washing clothes, buying last minute supplies and snacks, downloading games and movies on the various tablets to be distributed to our kids for the plane ride.  On Saturday, our entire family (all 5 of us), and Meghann’s dad, are heading on a “family adventure” to Australia that is the result of our “family business”.

Our Scentsy business truly is a “family business”, and it has been that way since we started it in 2009. There have been thousands of hours that have been “spent together” while we built this family business together, and everyone has played a role.  It hasn’t been just me and Meghann, our kids have been there every step of the way.  Whether it was helping to organize orders, or just being patient while Mom and Dad travelled to meetings around North America, or their understanding of our “work from home” requirements (as well as their embracing of our flexibility).

Family Business Australia Adventure

So because they have been such an integral part of this family business, we want to share the adventures that the business brings into our life with them.

The Australia component of our business is our latest adventure.  When Scentsy announced last summer that it was opening in Australia we got really excited.  My grandma is from Australia and my Dad was born shortly after they moved to Canada.  I also have relatives in Australia that I’ve never met before.  Australia was also a place that just “felt right” to Meg and I – who knows why?  We were just interested in the culture and the people.

So when the announcement happened we immediately became committed to the idea of building a business in Australia.

But how in the world were we going to do that from Canada?  

Well – we’ve learned in our life that if there is a will then there HAS to be a way.  So we got creative.  We used our social media networks to advertise that Scentsy was opening in Australia and we asked people that we knew if they had friends there who would be interested in the business.  We reached out to our “offline” networks as well and talked to as many people as we could about the Australia opportunity and continually asked people if they knew anyone in Australia who would be interested in building a business similar to the type of business that we had built in Canada.

We were relentless and it worked!  Pretty soon we had several people who were interested in joining Scentsy as Independent Consultants on our team.  We then spread the enthusiasm to our team and encouraged them to engage the same strategies that were working for us.  They started to recruit people in Australia as well.  We had a lot of momentum, and many people through our large Canadian network who had recruited other people in Australia.

So we decided to invest even further, and in the fall of 2013 Meghann went over to Australia and held opportunity meetings in many cities throughout the country.

kangaroo OZ

This was an amazing success, and she met and connected with many genuine, wonderful and enthusiastic people who have since become Scentsy Independent Consultants and now have businesses that are ON FIRE with growth.  We were able to meet many of these new consultants when they came over to St. Louis for our recent Scentsy Family Reunion 2014.

Australia Family Business Adventure

Now the “Australian Component” of our business includes almost 500 Independent Consultants in our group who we have incredible empowering relationships with.  At this point we’ve probably had over 100 “late night or early morning” Skype or GoToMeeting visits with these team members (because of the time zone differences) but every minute has been worth it.  They are some of the most genuine, believing, enthusiastic entrepreneurs we’ve ever met.  It is a blessing to be associated with them.

So now we are going to see them on an Australian Family Business Adventure!  Let me tell you where we are going!

We fly on Saturday to Los Angeles where we will catch the red eye to Sydney.  From Sydney we will head north to Cairns.  This the “vacation” portion of the trip (mixed in with a little business).  We will see things like the Great Barrier Reef:

Family Business Great Barrier Reef

Green Island

Green Island Family Business


Tablelands Family Business

We’re also going to have several team meetings and meet with our various team members and their families.

Then from Cairns we head to Brisbane where we will be staying at Bribie Island.

Bribie Island Family Business

And we may check out the famous Steve Irwin Zoo as well!

Australia Zoo Family Business

From Brisbane we drive to the Gold Coast for Scentsy Family Reunion Australia 2014!  It is going to be amazing.  We can’t wait.


Stay tuned for more stories of our adventures from Australia, and if this perks your interest at all, you can also create these types of adventures for yourself.

Everything that we’ve done with our business, including the international expansion, can be duplicated if you are willing to work hard, be creative, and stick to a long term focus,  Click here to learn more 



Join Scentsy In August 2014 For Special Promotion

Join Scentsy In August 2014

Have you ever wanted to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant?  Do you know a friend or acquaintance who is a Scentsy Independent Consultant and you see them going on free incentive trips and having a great time and you want to do that too?  Do you love Scentsy Fragrance products and you know that you would be awesome at selling this?  Well don’t delay.  Now is the time to join Scentsy.  If you Join Scentsy in August 2014 you are eligible for special, timely, offers and incentives.  Read on!

If you Join Scentsy in August 2014 you basically receive a 2 for 1 starter kit.  From Aug. 1 to 31, the new Consultant Starter Kit will include Spring/Summer 2013 testers and catalogs AND Fall/Winter 2013 testers and catalogs at no additional cost. From Sept. 1 to Feb. 28, the new Consultant Starter Kit will include Fall/Winter 2013 testers and catalogs.

If you are in Canada you can Join Scentsy in August 2014 for $119 CDN

If you are in the US you can Join Scentsy in August 2014 for $99 US

If you are Australia you can Join Scentsy in August 2014 for $139 AUD

This is a huge savings!  Don’t delay.  Sign up today.  

Join Scentsy In August 2014

Click here to Join Scentsy in August 2014 and start today to build the business or your dreams, from home!

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Trista Pengelly

Trista P

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Trista Pengelly

My Scentsy Journey

When I got started with Scentsy in April of 2011, I never would have thought selling ‘smelly stuff’ would turn into such a rewarding career for me. A high school friend was having a basket party in Calgary and posted it on facebook. I had never heard of the product before, but checked out the website and was very excited about it! Having just put away all my candles after having my first child, I thought it was a wonderful concept. I ordered a warmer and some wax to give it a try. The rest is history!

Since then, I have promoted to Director and watched my business grow at incredible speed. I have a wonderful team of consultants, and love that I get to share with them and watch them grow their own successful businesses.

My life is busy… I have a wonderful fiancé and 2 little girls (4 and 2), with baby #3 on the way! I had a full time job when I got started, and Scentsy fit perfectly into my life. I could do a party or two every month and bring in some extra money. In February of 2013, we were able to make the HUGE decision that I would quit my job and work my Scentsy business from home, while raising my 2 little girls full time. I never thought I would be able to stay at home with my kids AND make more money than I was working my 9 to 5.

Because of Scentsy, I have earned THREE all-inclusive trips for myself and my fiancé! We earned trips to Punta Cana, Costa Rica, and the BAHAMAS for both of us!

Our lives have been forever changed by this company. It started out with a $119 investment and turned into so much more. I love helping people see the opportunity and helping them to reach their goals. I want to help people live to work, not work to live.

Trista Pengelly
Independent Scentsy Family Director

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Michelle Amato

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Michelle Amato
I would like to share with you my Scentsy journey. It all begin in February of 2012. It was 2yrs after welcoming babies #3 and #4 into our family at the same time (Yep, we went for baby #3 and got the blessing of Twin Girls :)) that I felt the want/need to get back to work but just not in the form I was previously used to. I had never been off work for that long before between children and even though I enjoyed being home with my 4 girls (7 1/2 yrs, 4yrs and the twins 2 at the time) I knew I wanted to do some work again. I realized while I was off for that extended time that I actually really enjoyed being a working Mom.
I knew I did not want to go back to my very stressful full time job with long hours away from my family with 4 girls now but wanted to feel that excitement of work again, help my husband by contributing to the family household income and really felt a drive to start my own business where I had the flexibility to create my own work hours.
A friend of mine was encouraging me to do a Scentsy party for her and we tried a couple times to do it but since she lived far away from me it was hard because the bad winter weather was always making other plans for us. I just felt the strong urge that I really wanted to start my own business growing and starting researching more about the Scentsy business opportunity for myself as I saw how much fun my friend was having in her Scentsy business and the financial support she was able to give her family growing!!
After taking a lot of time to think about it and seeing how much the Scentsy Home Office believed in it’s consultants I jumped in 100% and kicked off my own Scentsy business. So I had never been to a Scentsy party before I joined and started my own business in June of 2012. I started building me clientele through the summer and spreading the word about the start of my Scentsy business with friends and family.
Then in August 2012 I held my official business launch party and had such an amazing time. I was supported all the way with my amazing friend, and now sponsor, Tara who continues to support and mentor me in incredible ways each and every day!! My first Fall/Winter selling season in 2012 was absolutely incredible and I did so many amazing home parties with family and friends. It has been such a blessing to be able to share my absolute love and belief in the products Scentsy has to offer with everyone I know. My favourite part of this business is to do home parties and share everything with people in their homes and also to help lead my team members to reach their goals and personal/professional potential in their busineses.
I was so fortunate to not only have such amazing success in my sales in 2012 but to also start watching my team grow that resulted in the most awesome opportunity of a lifetime when I earned the 2013 Incentive Trip to Hawaii in June of 2013. With amazing thanks to my customers, team and family for supporting me to achieve that. It was in Feb 2013 when I attended my first Scentsy Spring Sprint event and meeting my fabulous SuperStar Director that I put my next goal in my mind to achieve Director status in 2013.
I am so proud to say that I successfully accomplished that goal in October of 2013 and again, this would not have been possible without all the support, love and encouragement I receive from my customers, friends, team members and family!!
I believe so much in the products offered from Scentsy through our Scentsy Fragrance and Velata lines and feel that they are such an asset to everyone in their homes, kitchens and personal  style.
I believe so much in our owners, Heidi and Orville Thompson, and their vision for the company and belief in each and everyone of their consultants to make their business successful and encourage and support us every step of the way.
I am forever changed by this company with so many amazing blessings that I have been given because of it and truly feel that my career path in life has lead me to this business for a reason. I am so happy to have reached Director status and that I earned another Scentsy Incentive trip all expenses paid to celebrate Scentsy’s 10th anniversary at our annual Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis this July 2014.
My goal is to always offer my customers and team members the very best of me when it comes to home parties, customer service, training etc. and I am striving more than ever to be the best leader I can be for my team members so they feel like my team is an extension of home for them. A place to feel comfortable and to share their goals and desires and to partner with me to let me help them become a reality.
My Scentsy Business is my passion, it holds the blessings for my very strong “Why”, it brings me joy, excitement, satisfaction, a way to give back to people and organizations in my community in a way I could have never been able to do before and I hope that it will be my legacy that I leave to my girls one day, showing them all that I strived to be the best for them – a Mommy and Career Woman – and that they can do whatever they set their minds to!!
With blessings to you all in your own life journey’s,
Phone number: 519-215-0952
website: www.michelleamato.scentsy.ca


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Bernie Mathews

Bernie M

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Bernie Mathews

When I first saw this opportunity to write a story about ourselves to share, I was like but I dont have a story, then I went and watched my 11yo son run for school captain and it hit me, EVERYONE has a story!

My Name is Bernie Mathews, I am 38yo married to my amazing husband Ian, and mummy to 5 beautiful children, Kaddiesha 17, Kaysie 13, Blake 11 and my ID twin girls Shaylee and Shameeka 8, I am also step mummy to Caleb 14, and Freya 8!

I live in a little town in Far North Queensland called Mutchilba, it only has like 100 people in it if that, 10 km down the road is where I lived when I first signed with Scentsy a place called Dimbulah, with a population of 1414. in the other direction 40km  is Mareeba with a population of 6086 so as you can see we don’t live in a highly populated location!

I am currently Star Consultant with Scentsy, and am definitely aiming for higher!

I have tried many different companies over the years, with little success, but when a friend came to me and said Scentsy is launching in Australia, I was like oh cool what is it? WOW what is it?

It is an amazing company with so many beautiful products, I went from having no  idea to what Scentsy was to totally falling in love with it! I signed from day dot in Australia, being the 1st September 2013 and have loved every second I have been apart of this awesome company!

But Scentsy isn’t just a company, it’s a family! I think that’s what I love the most about it! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, whether they are on your “team” or not! Cause we are just one big family!

My Scentsy journey has been a struggle and I know that it will continue to be a struggle, yes I do blame my location partly for this, but with the big World Wide Web now, we can’t let little things like that hold us back!

My Scentsy business started off very slow, I was getting no interest I couldn’t even convince my friends to host a party for me, and it wasnt because they didn’t like Scentsy it was because they didn’t KNOW Scentsy! It took me a good 6 months to get even a little bit of interest, and I was nearly at the point of walking away, how was I ever going to break into the world of Scentsy sales and success?

Well one day about 6 months in it happened I got my very first REAL LIVE PARTY!!!! a lovely friend of mine finally decided to give me a go, and host a Scentsy party, and that was all I needed! J

Just that one party to get to introduce Scentsy to Australia!!! Now I would love to say that it has all been a roaring success, but it hasn’t, it has been hard work and struggles and begging and pleading, but once that first party happened, I have had many more bookings, I have had some new recruits and I have had soo much fun and laughter it is awesome!

You ever hear that CLICHE the product sells itself? Well Scentsy really does! Because while I was turning up to my parties as nervous as anything and forgetting important information and stumbling through my parties, I was still getting the sales and the bookings, and my excitement would grow, my passion for beautiful products grew, and my desire to share it with as many people I could also grew! even though my first party was only just a qualifying party I felt like I had won the lotto, I got a booking and everyone loved the products.

I now have a team of 7 people under me, and like me they are having their struggles but they know Scentsy is worth fighting for and we are all fighting and i really believe we are winning, the more people who get introduced to Scentsy and their products and their opportunity they more people are falling in love with Scentsy!! Every day I am grateful for my team mates, I am grateful for their passion and desire and their support and their beliefs in this amazing business, I am also grateful for their belief in me to help them as much as i can to build a truly successful home business!

Scentsy offers amazing incentive trips and their first one for our region was to LA and St Louis in the USA omg how excited was I? My sister lives just near St Louis so i was like omg i could see my sis while i was there! The requirements for the trip were also fairly simple, but it was all happening in my struggling mode! I did make it, I wasnt going to be apart of the 10year reunion, I wasn’t going to go on the trip of a life time, I wasnt going to get to see my sister! and my line of thinking was, oh well, these things never happen to me! if there is something awesome im going to miss out! wow what a pity party I was on, but one thing Scentsy has taught me is that there is no need for pity parties, the only person standing in my way of achieving these goals is ME!!! So I am now teaching myself to step aside and to get out there and get out of my comfort zone because there is no way I am missing out on another amazing opportunity given to us by Scentsy!!

I am attending the first ever Australian convention on the Gold Coast in August and know that I am going to walk away from that, with not only a fresh new look on it all, fresh new information and inspiration but also fresh new friends for life!

I  know Scentsy is going to be my success story, I also know it is going to take a lot of patience and hard work, and I know it is going to be totally worth it! My family is my WHY, I want to be able to give my beautiful children some amazing memories, of travels and fun, I struggled for 8 years as a single mum and my kids had to go without so much stuff, I want to reward them for their continued love and respect they have shown me! I want them to be proud of me and say WOW that’s our mum!!! I want to give my husband opportunities that we wouldn’t normally have, to show him just how grateful I am for all his love and support, for what an amazing man he is to take on me and my 5 children and love us all as his own! my why is definitely my family! Scentsy is going to help me fulfill my why!

Bernie Mathews




Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Erin Singer

Singer 1

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Erin Singer

I collect memories.  Not just what I did in fourth grade or the name of my favorite movie though.  I collect scent memories.  The ones that go straight to your heart and stay there until you get a waft of it, taking you right back to that perfect moment.  The sun warmed trees on a mountain hike, the scent of my husband’s cologne that he wore on the day he proposed, the sweet baby fresh scent of each of my babies.  These are my memories.  Each moment in my life is accompanied by a scent and I can go back with just a sniff.

I am a stay at home mom of 4.  My husband LOVES his job and is great with our kids.  After our 4th baby I got a box in the mail.  It was a smallish box and smelled fantastic.  I looked at the warmer, warmed the wax, checked out the catalogue and sent it all back to my dear friend.

A year later, after getting my appendix out and having my olfactory system like lavender for the first time in my life,  I was sitting at a table with my friend over Christmas cookies and smelling all these fantastic scents – I couldn’t get enough!!  I left very happily with a Silent Night Scentsy warmer and Christmas Cottage scent.  Ohhhh, I loved it.  I then talked about Scentsy for the next 2 months.  My poor husband had to listen to me sell it to everyone I met, and kept telling me to just sign up already!  It was so inexpensive and if I did nothing with it I’d still have a box of deeply discounted items I loved.

I finally joined as a consultant, mostly to get the host rewards.  What I didn’t realize was that little box would open up a world of new friends, new family, new experiences that I probably would not have had.  I have met so many fun, interesting, amazing people who have become so dear to me.  I have won awards, gone on trips and celebrated every new milestone with the Scentsy company.  Sitting in a room with 11,000 women while we are all being given new purses and accessories is not something to be missed!  And of course, there really is a scent for everything.

We’ve had a rocky few years with different challenges – I became incredibly anemic and then found out I had Celiac Disease (our Velata brand is all gluten free!), our son was diagnosed with high anxiety and sensory overload which meant that I spent almost 2 years at the school with him, helping teachers and support staff learn how to work with him – but we were solid, and Scentsy was there with an outlet for me. It was a

way for my kids to work in business with me, and a new group of friends and sisters I didn’t know before, who have become a huge support system for me, whether they are from my home town or across the globe! Recently my favorite, and last, grandmother passed away. One of our new bars from this year is “Mystery Man” and it smells like my grandma’s laundry room. The kids and I sit there and smell it when we miss her, and its like we are back in her house.

So, whether you want to try some new scents, start your own business, or remember your favorite memories all over again, Scentsy is here.

If you are looking for a new career and the ability to balance your home, new friends and the warmth of a scented home, call or email me; I’d love to share even more.

Erin Singer

Independent Scentsy Family Director




Wherever you are, your home can smell this good!

Singer 2

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Aundrea Appelle


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Aundrea Appelle

Why did I become an Independent Scentsy Consultant? That one’s easy! I joined Scentsy when i got one of my daycare moms hooked on scentsy and she became a consultant, it took me a year after watching her develop a passion for scentsy that I decided it was my turn to start helping people fall in love with scentsy products. In the last year I have watched my partner Trent Houston fall in love with selling scentsy too. It’s not only a female business. He has helped me develop and expand my business over the last year.
Loving scentsy products is easy with their vast array of intoxicating scents and beautiful, unique warmers they have to offer. If asked to pick a favorite scent i couldn’t.  With more than 80 scents to choose from at any given time, Scentsy is an endlessly exciting love affair with scent. Aside from the fabulous scents and warmers, I also enjoy the many other exciting products we offer. From scent buddies to room sprays, there is something for everyone.
I cannot wait to share my love of scentsy with you.
Email address: alappelle@hotmail.ca
Phone number 204-291-4507
Website :  www.aundreaappelle.scentsy.ca


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Melanie Harbridge

melanie harbridge

Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Melanie Harbridge

I am a stay at home mom of a little girl who has always wanted to be a stay at home mom but was looking for a way to earn some extra income, and for me that way is and always will be Scentsy! My daughter is 4 and loves being my Scentsy helper.  She tells me I am the best Scentsy girl eva.  Who doesn’t like to hear that!!!

I have been married to my husband for 10 years.  Ross is a very supportive and encouraging husband. We are a military family, so I have lived in Virginia, Barrie, Ontario, Nova Scotia where I was born and raised, and recently moved to Quebec, where Scentsy was introduced in July 2012.  While it can be challenging meeting new people when my french speaking skills are not that great, I try my best and will not ever give up!  People really just need to have the product in front of them ~ they need to be able to touch it and smell it.  I am confident the market here will pick up, but for now it is my responsibility to get it in front of everyone I meet 🙂 That’s another benefit of having a business that I can take with me wherever I go.  There are no boundaries or territories with Scentsy!

I signed up with Scentsy as an Independent Consultant in Feb 2012 and promoted to Director in Nov 2012.  I earned an all-expenses paid trip last May and was able to take my husband to Costa Rica for FREE!!!  Who does that in their first year of business???  This year I earned it for myself and am SO excited to have attended Scentsy’s 10 year family reunion with my BFF and fellow Scentsy sister.  WOW  10 years already and to count the number of stories of how Scentsy has changed so many lives is SO inspiring!

Scentsy allows me to make lasting friendships and relationships with people I never would have met otherwise. I also look forward to working with a great team, but most of all I look foward to meeting all of you whether you are familiar with Scentsy or yet to hear of it and all it’s benefits.

Scentsy is a safe, wickless alternative to candles, but it is so much more to me than wax and warmers.  The values of Scentsy being Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity are well attributed right from the owners down to the newest consultant.  The teamwork amongst consultants is incredible and there is NO feeling of competition.  I really felt that first hand as I was promoted to Director in 2012.

Scentsy is the first direct-sales company that offers multiple brands under one company.  Think of an umbrella.  Under that Umbrella is Scentsy; wax, warmers and Layers products; and Velata which is chocolate/cheese fondue that uses the same technology as Scentsy (a lightbulb) to melt chocolate/cheese in a patent pending silicone dish that is dishwasher/microwave safe.

I would be happy to tell you more.  If you have any questions, or would like so more info on hosting a home or basket party for FREE and half price items, please free to be in touch with me

Have yourself a SCENTsational day!


Melanie Harbridge
Independent Director at Scentsy Family
(450)347-7890 home  OR  (902) 448-9712 cell


Empowering Scentsy Stories – Meet Paula King

Paula King

I found Scentsy just when I was looking for a Hobby something I could do and enjoy, I visited with my family in N.S and they were all raving about these scentsy things they had and scents, to me it meant more candles, had no interest in it what so ever. I gave up on scents and candles while before so tired of spending money on them and being disappointed. My sister gave me a book and the rest is history, I loved it. I loved how when you use  a cube of some scent that’s what the house smelt like, if was  a baking scent it smelt like you were baking sooo natural. Best part was I found Scentsy, loved it and could also get paid for my Hobby, Awesome!!!

Paula King

Bishops Falls, NL Lead Consultant

email address plk_6@Hotmail.com
phone 709-258-2943


The Scentsy Family – A Tribute To An Ethos Of Giving


Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 is now complete, and it was a huge success.

Consultants were educated, inspired and are now collectively heading home motivated and ready to build their businesses, achieve unique dreams, and write their own empowering stories.

Scentsy Inspire Flag, Ryan and Meghann Clements
Scentsy Inspire Flag, Ryan and Meghann Clements

Scentsy is an organization that is unique.  Having worked with many large organizations, prior to our joining Scentsy in 2009, we had never experienced the collective power of belief and mutual goodwill that we have experienced by being part of the Scentsy Family.

It is remarkable – this organization cares more about creating stories of empowerment for their consultants than it does the “bottom line” and making money.

That seems like a unusual claim doesn’t it?  In fact, many people would consider such a claim to be fundamentally impossible – isn’t the purpose of a corporation to make money?  If a business didn’t care about money wouldn’t they go out of business?

Let me restate my point:

Scentsy, as an organization, cares more about creating empowering stories for their consultants than they do about making money. 

But here is the incredible thing – by focusing on adding value in the lives of others, and creating empowering stories for each and every consultant, the money has followed, probably more so than anyone could have ever expected.


This ethos – of caring more about others than about yourself – is fundamental to the culture of Scentsy because it has been taught, and continually acted upon,  by Scentsy owners Orville and Heidi Thompson.  Through their example they have created a culture of generosity, an ethos of giving, that trickles down to company employees who consistently go the extra mile to make the experience of each Scentsy consultant a positive, fun and empowering one.

joal curtis

Everything in Scentsy is directed at enhancing the experience of the consultant.

Think about it:  Scentsy as an organization spends millions – I repeat millions – of dollars annually on things designed to enhance the experience, and enjoyment of their consultants.  Things like free incentive vacations –that we have personally been the benefactor of many times.  These are expenditures that they don’t have to make, and frankly expenditures that decrease the owners “bottom line”.

Never in my life, prior to joining Scentsy, had I worked for a single organization who spent on the scale that Scentsy spends to enhance the experience of those in their community.

Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 was filled with examples:

A private concert by Sara Bareilles:

sara bareilles

A private concert by Train:


A private show by Jim Gaffigan, and many other examples of entertainment and inspiring speakers, whose sole purpose was to enhance the experience of Scentsy Consultants, at the cost of Scentsy corporate.

Even the top award for Scentsy consultants, an award that we were very honoured to receive last year, is based on giving.

The Shining Star Award isn’t awarded to the consultants who make the most money, or recruit the most people. Unlike other direct sales companies who parade around the stage showing larger than life pay cheques, Scentsy honors those who “give” the most.  Not those who “take” the most.  Their top honour is awarded to the people who best serve.  It is awarded to the consultants who show the best examples of giving, and it is a peer nominated award.

shining star

The people who run Scentsy, and the consultants that comprise its sales force have tapped into something special – something that not everyone gets to experience in life – the power of a positive community.  A community where there is a consistent and intentional effort, on everyone’s behalf, to help others succeed.  A culture where the dominant mindset is that “a rising tide will lift all ships”.

In a day when corporate greed is commonplace –  where we often cynically joke about the lies that we hear from government, regardless of their place on the ideological spectrum, it is refreshing, and reassuring, to be part of an organization that truly values people.  Who understands that the greatest asset, for long term profit, is people, and that the prospects, and profits, of a company are entirely dependent on the empowerment of those who work for it.


We are proud to be Scentsy Independent Consultants.  We are proud to be associated with an organization that wants it’s members to have legacies and write empowering stories of their own.  We are proud to call, as friends, Scentsy owners Heidi and Orville Thompson, who believe that each consultant’s personal story, and legacy, is as important as theirs, and who treat each and every consultant with respect, and who make everyone feel, even the brand new consultants, like they are the most valued company asset.

Well done Scentsy!  Well done!



Choose The Best Scentsy Warmer For The Room

What is your favorite Scentsy Warmer?  Which Scentsy Warmer in the pictures do you like best? Scentsy Choice Picture 3 Scentsy Choice Picture 4 Scentsy Choice Picture 5

Scentsy Choice Picture 2 Scentsy Choice Picture

You get to Choose! With an incredible selection of Scentsy Warmer you can decorate each one of your rooms to suit your style and taste Try the game above.  Which Scentsy Warmer do you like best for the picture.

Buy Scentsy Today and Choose Your Favorite Scentsy Warmer for your room.  


Grow Your Direct Sales Business Into A Tree, Not A Weed (Inspired By Scentsy CEO Orville Thompson)

Is your Scentsy business a weed or a tree?
Is your Scentsy business a weed or a tree?

We want to share a principle taught to us by Orville Thompson, our friend and Scentsy CEO.

In direct sales some businesses resemble weeds, and others resemble trees.

What you want to have is a tree.   What many people have are weeds.

Here are some signs of a weed (and we’ve seen many, many weeds over the years):

  • Products that are based on hype rather than something that people really like, and want to buy again;
  • The “get in now or it will be to late” principle;
  • Quick money;
  • Within a couple years the “hype people” or “top income earners” have moved on to a different business;
  • An uncertain customer base (one that is largely made up of  distributors of the product).  Not an independent customer base that is comprised of individuals who aren’t distributors of the product;
  • A focus on short term profits by the company, to the detriment of its distributors.

Weeds pop up fast, and they have very weak roots, and they die quickly.  The roots are weak because the primary (if not the only) focus is fast money.

A very few people may make some quick money, but MOST people make nothing (and even lose money).  These people leave the business with a bad taste in their mouth, and they are the ones who disparage the industry and say it is made up of nothing buy hype, false dreams, and lies.

Weeds hurt the direct sales industry.

They are distracting, especially to the people who are trying to grow a tree. People who have planted seeds for a tree, and are now watering those seeds and nurturing it, often get distracted, abandon their tree, and jump onto a weed.

Here are the signs of a tree in direct sales:

  • It takes time to make decent money, but once you get there you have a stable income stream and reliable cash flow for years to come;
  • You have to work hard, “get rich quick” is a myth.
  • The product is unique, and people like it.  It sells itself, and people want to buy more of it.
  • Your customer base is made up of independent consumers who love the product, and use it for their own personal use.  It is not made up of distributors of the product who also happen to be the #1 purchasers of the product.
  • Your business has strong roots.  You have a stable repeat customer base.  Your team is involved in the business for a variety of reasons including: financial, personal development, friendship and community, and social.

Our business with Scentsy is a tree, not a weed.  It took time, and a lot hard work to make really good money, but after that investment we have a stable income.  We have a product that people love, that they consume often.  Our customer base is independent from the consultant base, and our team is involved in the business for many reasons, as a result the roots of our tree are diverse and deep.

Grow your direct sales business into a tree, not a weed.

If you want to learn about how to get involved with a “tree” direct sales business contact us today.

How To Build A Successful Home Based Business

Breakfast With A View of The Acropolis.  Scentsy Rocks Greece 2014 Top 100 Incentive Trip Earner
Breakfast With A View of The Acropolis. Scentsy Rocks Greece 2014 Top 100 Incentive Trip Earner

We just got home yesterday from Greece on the “Scentsy Rocks Greece” 2014 Top 100 Point-Earner Incentive Trip.

In Greece we visited Athens, Delphi and the Islands of Mykonos and Tinos, and we were also able to stop in Rome for a day (pictures of all these places to come on a future blog post).

This trip was free.  Completely paid for by Scentsy because of our performance with the company.  

We have gone on many free trips since we started as Independent Consultants and business owners.  We have been to Hawaii, Disney World with our Family, The Dominican Republic, New York City (where we stayed at the luxury Waldorf Astoria Hotel), and now Greece, ALL FREE because of our business.  We’ve also received a partially paid trip to Cancun Mexico.

Scentsy has designed their incentive structure to allow for fairness between all ranks of consultants and business owners.  It doesn’t matter if you start your business tomorrow, or have been with the company since it began and are now a top ranking SuperStar Director. Everyone has an equal opportunity to earn these amazing (and did I mention FREE) trips.

If you ever have wondered about having a home-based business that can give you that life freedom you dream about, please contact us.

We can share with you tips on how to be successful.  It is not easy.  There is no such thing as “get rich quick”.  It takes hard work and perseverance – but – it is possible.

We are living proof, and with this Company (Scentsy) in addition to an amazing compensation plan there are incredible (FREE) trips that you can earn.

Click here to join our team today and start working towards your free trip. 

Here is a video that we made (on location from the resort Island of Mykonos Greece) detailing how to be successful in a home based, direct sales business:


The Four Chords Of A Successful Scentsy Business

At the 2012 Scentsy Family Reunion in Las Vegas, company CEO Orville Thompson delivered a powerful address on what all successful Independent Scentsy Consultants have in common.  His ideas were based on studies that Scentsy had undertaken, looking at the very top SuperStar Directors (the highest rank of Independent Consultant) and asking the question of what it was that set them apart from other consultants.

Here is his address (if you want to succeed as a Scentsy consultant I would highly recommend that you listen to the speech all the way through).

In summary – here are the principles that most often dictate the long term success of a Scentsy consultant:

four chord progression of a successful scentsy business
The Four Chord Progression of a Successful Scentsy Business

Success an an Independent Scentsy Consultant is not complicated.  It doesn’t take sophisticated degrees or knowledge.  It simply takes consistently applied “correct” action over time.  Habits are paramount, but it is also equally important that the “right” types of actions are taken.

What are the “right” types of actions?

The Four Chords.

  1. Consistent Sales and Home Parties (to hit at least 500 PRV a month);
  2. Consistent Recruiting (a goal of at least one new recruit a month);
  3. Consistent high quality customer service and team leadership;
  4. Consistent self care (inspiration, rest, exercise) to maintain motivation long term.

If you are new as a Scentsy Independent Consultant this is the foundation that you want to build your business on.  If you have been in for a while and haven’t gotten the results you want, ask yourself how committed you are to these four chords? What areas could you improve on?  Then make a commitment to yourself to re-focus and commit to building your foundation on these simple, yet highly effective principles.

A powerful way to to put these chords into action is to create a simple spreadsheet.  Along the top of the spreadsheet, label an individual column with a chord (column 1, chord 1, column 2, chord 2, etc).  Then under each column header write a list of 10 actions that you could take this month that apply to that particular principle.  Then schedule those actions into your calendar.  If you do that you will have a list of 40 actions, in the 4 most important areas, that you can do this month.  Come next month do the same activity, and adjust to include other actions that you believe will be effective.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

This process, under these 4 chords, is EXACTLY how we have been able to build a successful Scentsy business and rise to the top level of SuperStar Director.  It can happen for you as well!

Scentsy Chevron Premium Warmer

Current yet classic, Chevron Scentsy Warmers feature crisp white zigzags cutting across a bright background of cheerful orange, dusky blue, or graphic black.

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Find the Chevron Scentsy Warmer in the new Spring Summer 2014 Scentsy Catalog

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Pair the beauty of blooming cherry tress with with the soft dewy scent of petals and berries, to bring the very essence of Spring into your home,

For the month of April 2014, both the Scentsy Cherry Tree Premium Warmer and the Sugared Blooms Scentsy Bar are 10% off.

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April 2014 Scentsy Warmer and Scent Of The Month – Cherry Tree Warmer and Sugared Blooms Scentsy Bar

Scentsy puts out a new warmer and scent every month that are not included in the regular catalog.

For this particular month , you can purchase these products at a 10% discount.

These products will continue to be available following their release as Warmer of the Month and Scent of the Month (while supplies last), but the discount only applies during the month of their release.

 Awaken memories of spring festivals with April 2014 Scentsy Warmer of the Month, Cherry Tree.

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