The Four Chords Of A Successful Scentsy Business

At the 2012 Scentsy Family Reunion in Las Vegas, company CEO Orville Thompson delivered a powerful address on what all successful Independent Scentsy Consultants have in common.  His ideas were based on studies that Scentsy had undertaken, looking at the very top SuperStar Directors (the highest rank of Independent Consultant) and asking the question of what it was that set them apart from other consultants.

Here is his address (if you want to succeed as a Scentsy consultant I would highly recommend that you listen to the speech all the way through).

In summary – here are the principles that most often dictate the long term success of a Scentsy consultant:

four chord progression of a successful scentsy business
The Four Chord Progression of a Successful Scentsy Business

Success an an Independent Scentsy Consultant is not complicated.  It doesn’t take sophisticated degrees or knowledge.  It simply takes consistently applied “correct” action over time.  Habits are paramount, but it is also equally important that the “right” types of actions are taken.

What are the “right” types of actions?

The Four Chords.

  1. Consistent Sales and Home Parties (to hit at least 500 PRV a month);
  2. Consistent Recruiting (a goal of at least one new recruit a month);
  3. Consistent high quality customer service and team leadership;
  4. Consistent self care (inspiration, rest, exercise) to maintain motivation long term.

If you are new as a Scentsy Independent Consultant this is the foundation that you want to build your business on.  If you have been in for a while and haven’t gotten the results you want, ask yourself how committed you are to these four chords? What areas could you improve on?  Then make a commitment to yourself to re-focus and commit to building your foundation on these simple, yet highly effective principles.

A powerful way to to put these chords into action is to create a simple spreadsheet.  Along the top of the spreadsheet, label an individual column with a chord (column 1, chord 1, column 2, chord 2, etc).  Then under each column header write a list of 10 actions that you could take this month that apply to that particular principle.  Then schedule those actions into your calendar.  If you do that you will have a list of 40 actions, in the 4 most important areas, that you can do this month.  Come next month do the same activity, and adjust to include other actions that you believe will be effective.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

This process, under these 4 chords, is EXACTLY how we have been able to build a successful Scentsy business and rise to the top level of SuperStar Director.  It can happen for you as well!

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