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125 Ways To Meet New People And Grow A Massive Personal Network

In order to have long term success in Scentsy, or any other direct sales or networking marketing business, you have to become a pro at building relationships and growing a large personal and professional network.

Everyone starts out in Scentsy with a “network” – these are the people that you know or are connected to in some way.  While this network is a great way to get started in your business (talking to them about Scentsy), it is never large enough, on it’s own, to build a long term business or progress to achieve your various goals.

 In order to advance, a consultant has to make more relationships, and grow their personal network, beyond what they had when they started the business.

Whenever a consultant finds themselves in a “recruiting slump” it is generally the case that they have exhausted their personal network – i.e. no one else, that they currently know, is interested in the business opportunity.

There is however a simple way to overcome this hurdle, and allow your business growth that can continue in perpetuity:

It is simply to make more relationships and grow your personal network

Every time you make a new relationship you open up a portal to many new relationships.  Every person you know also knows many other people.  Can you see the web of how a large personal network works?

For a lot of consultants this is easier said than done.  We want to help with this, and share the wisdom and strategies we’ve gained in many years in this business:

If you do the following strategies, and make networking a habit, you’ll have as much business and as many recruits as you could possibly want.

An important caveat about these strategies.  DO NOT SPAM OR TRY TO SELL before you have established a relationship.  The chance to share what you do will come.  You first have to establish the relationship.

However, once you have a relationship, you have a PORTAL.  It is important to think “beyond” the initial relationship – because every person that you are connected to is connected to many other people. Even though the initial person may not be interested in the Scentsy opportunity, they very might be connected to someone who is.  Some of our most successful Scentsy recruits have come through a “Portal” strategy (ie. we knew someone who knew them and we were referred to them by the person who we knew).

So In No Particular Order Here are “125 Ways To Make More Relationships And Grow A Massive Personal Network”

  1. Find a mentor outside of Scentsy: this mentor will not only be influential but will be connected to a large group of people who might be interested in what you do.
  2. Find someone to mentor outside of Scentsy: this person will be grateful for your mentoring and may share your business with those they know.
  3. Join Facebook groups and communities, related to your hobbies and, not related to Scentsy: take time to develop personal relationships with people.  DO NOT SPAM!
  4. Follow a blogger.  Comment on some of their blog posts and strike up a conversation, and over time, a relationship.
  5.  Follow a podcaster: same strategy as that of a blogger. Strike up a relationships.
  6. Join online communities or forums that are based on hobbies or interests that you have.  Take the time to develop relationships with people by having meaningful conversations. Do not talk about Scentsy until you have actually established a relationship.
  7.  Volunteer for a school event at your child’s school.  Take the time to learn about the people you are volunteering with.
  8. Volunteer at your church.  Take the time to learn about the people you are volunteering with.
  9. Volunteer at a non-profit, or charity.  Take the time to learn about the people you are volunteering with.
  10. Take a yoga class.  Introduce yourself to the person next to you.
  11.  Join a gym.  Talk to someone (but don’t interrupt them while they are in the middle of their workout).
  12. Take a martial arts class.  Strike up a conversation with someone in the class.
  13.   Go to a free workshop at your public library.  Talk to the person next to you.
  14. Go to a meetup (www.meetup.com) group in your local area.  Don’t try to sell people.  Just make relationships.  The selling with come later.
  15.  Write an article for a community newsletter or local newspaper.
  16.  Do a free workshop on a skill that you have.  Advertise on social media,  in local classifieds, and on www.meetup.com.
  17. . Enrol in a class at your local community college.  Get to know your classmates.
  18. Go to a conference over something that interests you (a hobby) or a skill you’d like to develop more.  Make a goal to meet 20 new people (and get 20 contact informations or business cards).
  19. Go to a book or poetry reading at your local bookstore.  Strike up  a conversation with the person beside you.
  20. Get to know the receptionist at your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or health care provider.
  21. Go to a community meeting.  Talk to the person sitting next to you.
  22. Talk to the person sitting next to you at you child’s musical recital.
  23.   Go to a political fundraising meeting.  Meet 5 new people.
  24. . Meet the owner of a local restaurant that you love.  Introduce yourself. Tell them that you love their food and appreciate their service. The next time you each there you will have a relationship that you can develop.
  25. . Create a “personal board of advisors” for your business.  This is similar to the mentor strategy.  Reach out to successful business people for advice. Take them for lunch or coffee (your treat).
  26.  Join a BNI networking group.
  27. .Contact a “SuperStar Mentor” – someone who is very very successful.  You never know!
  28.  Join a Toastmasters Group.  Not only will you develop your public speaking skills, but you will also meet other people.
  29. Join a LinkedIn group related to something that interests you.  Strike up a conversation with someone on that page.
  30.   Endorse your connections on LinkedIn.
  31. Ask for an introduction to someone that you’d like to meet through LinkedIn (using the introduction function).
  32.  Set up a Twitter profile.  Search # for topics of interest to you and contribute.
  33.  Set up a Pinterest Account.  Engage with people who are interested in what you are interested in.
  34.  Start a YouTube Account.  Post your first video.  Share across your social media network and engage with people who comment.
  35. Start a blog.  Write about something that interests you.  Share across your social media network and engage with the people who comment.
  36.  Go outside and introduce yourself to your neighbours.
  37.   Introduce yourself to the parents of your child’s friends.
  38.  Meet a new person, that you’ve never talked to before, from your religious congregation.
  39. Get to know the people you work with.  Learn about them.  Take an interest in them.
  40.  Host an event at your house.  Put up flyers in the community.
  41.  Attend an Art Gala for a local artist.
  42.  Start a podcast about a topic that interests you.
  43. Organize a conference in your community.
  44.  Organize a music event with a local artist (get sponsors – there are lots of networking opportunities there as well).
  45.  Get involved in a fundraiser (a non-Scentsy related one).
  46. Serve on the board of a non-profit.
  47.  Block time in your weekly schedule to do networking strategies.
  48. Join an online referral networking group.
  49. Send thank you cards on a regular basis to people who you appreciate their service.
  50. Join your local chamber of commerce and get involved in the local business community.
  51.  Develop referral partners (people that you can refer business to and they will refer business back to you).
  52.  Sponsor an event for a referral partner.
  53.  Develop a newsletter for your customers and make it fun.
  54.  Get to know your plumber (see if they’ve ever used Scentsy).
  55.  Get to know your electrician (see if they’ve ever used Scentsy).
  56. Develop a relationship with your financial or insurance advisor (see if they’ve ever used Scentsy).
  57.  Talk to the person who shampoos your carpets (ask them if they’ve ever used Scentsy before).
  58. Become a “referral giver”.  Make a list of 10 businesses that you like in the local community. Contact the owner and show your appreciation and say you want to refer people to them. Profile them on social media.  You’d be amazed at what goes around comes around.
  59.  Get to know your bookkeeper or accountant personally.
  60. Do a booth at a fair.  Get to know the other vendors.
  61.  Do a “joint home party” with other direct sales consultants (from other companies).  Get to know them.
  62.  Get to know real estate agents in your local community.  Talk about Scentsy as home purchasers gifts.
  63. Take a business coach out for coffee (and get some free advice in the process).
  64.  Get to know your “second cousins”.  We often have family members that we don’t really know.
  65. Don’t be a “cave dweller”!  Get outside today and make it a goal to talk to a stranger.
  66. Talk to an image consultant.  Get an “image overhaul”. This will help your confidence and also give you a new relationship (the image consultant).
  67. Never cross your arms at a networking event!
  68.  Always carry your business cards wherever you go.  Never be “contact naked”
  69.  Be a “value-added friend”.  Go out of your way to help your friends.
  70. Find a “networking accountability partner”.  Challenge each other to meet 5 new people a week and have accountability if you don’t.
  71. Coach your child’s sports team.  Get to know the parent’s of the other players.
  72.  Volunteer for an organization that does something that you are interested in.
  73.  Get to know your vet or pet supply store owner.
  74. Take a cooking class. Talk to the other participants.
  75. Take a dancing class. Talk to the other participants.
  76. Go to Eventbrite and find and attend an event in your local community that interests you.
  77. Take a spin class.  Talk to people in your class.
  78. Stake out your local karaoke night!
  79. Go to a wine tasting event in your community.  Make it a goal to meet three new people
  80.  Join a sports league (basketball, volleyball, roller derby, soccer, hockey, softball).
  81. Get crafty.  Attending a crafting conference, class or workshop, and meet new people there.
  82. Talk to the owner or worker at your local small book or record store.
  83. Talk to new people during your daily routine (getting coffee or lunch, getting prescriptions, going grocery shopping).
  84. Join a book club
  85. Do your laundry at the laundromat and talk to someone there.
  86. Revive an old high school friendship.
  87. Talk to people at the dog park (when the dog takes care of “cutting the ice”)
  88.  Go to an Art Museum and meet someone new.
  89. Go to a rock climbing gym and talk to someone.
  90.  Talk to the person beside you at the next live sporting event that you attend.
  91. Join the Alumni Chapter of your college or university.  Go to an alumni event
  92. Attend your High School or College reunion – rekindle old friendships.
  93. Go to your local farmers market and strike up a conversation with a vendor.
  94. If you fancy a beer or cocktail from time to time, go on a local beer tour, booze cruise, beer and wine tasting or cocktail party.
  95. Take a Pilates class.
  96. Take a Zumba class.
  97.  Take a Crossfit class.
  98. Check out a local bulletin board at your supermarket, post office or public library.
  99. Check out and attend local events that are advertised in your local newspaper.
  100. Check out the local outings that get posted on Groupon or Living Social.
  101. Take a painting class.
  102. Take a second language class.
  103. Take a drama or acting class.
  104.  Join a choir.
  105. Take a quilting workshop.
  106. Join a bowling league.
  107. Get involved in your local entrepreneur community (most cities have innovate groups or entrepreneur groups that do various workshops and meetings).
  108.  Treat yourself to the salon or spa.  Have a great conversation with your service provider.
  109.  Get involved in an investment club (you’ll get the added benefit of learning to manage your money!).
  110.  Get involved in a neighbourhood watch.
  111. Join a car enthusiast club.
  112.  Get a membership in a private club or group (like a golf course).
  113.  Volunteer for a food bank or a homeless shelter.  This is a really good way to meet other kind souls who also volunteer.
  114.  Sign up your dog for an obedience class.
  115. Host a fun themed party at your house.
  116. Join a running, hiking (or in the case of Canada, cross country skiing club)
  117. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  118.  Take a photography class.
  119. Talk to people at a flea market (while you’re trolling for antique furniture).
  120. At a food truck, while in line for food, talk to people.
  121.  Reconnect with former friends or colleagues on LinkedIn and endorse them for a skill you know they are good at.
  122. Put your LinkedIn URL in your email signature.
  123.  Attend a Facebook event that you get invited to by a friend (you will likely meet new people in their network).
  124. Go to a friend’s birthday party and meet someone new.
  125.  Take public transportation, and chat with someone on the bus or train.