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The Scentsy Family – A Tribute To An Ethos Of Giving


Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 is now complete, and it was a huge success.

Consultants were educated, inspired and are now collectively heading home motivated and ready to build their businesses, achieve unique dreams, and write their own empowering stories.

Scentsy Inspire Flag, Ryan and Meghann Clements
Scentsy Inspire Flag, Ryan and Meghann Clements

Scentsy is an organization that is unique.  Having worked with many large organizations, prior to our joining Scentsy in 2009, we had never experienced the collective power of belief and mutual goodwill that we have experienced by being part of the Scentsy Family.

It is remarkable – this organization cares more about creating stories of empowerment for their consultants than it does the “bottom line” and making money.

That seems like a unusual claim doesn’t it?  In fact, many people would consider such a claim to be fundamentally impossible – isn’t the purpose of a corporation to make money?  If a business didn’t care about money wouldn’t they go out of business?

Let me restate my point:

Scentsy, as an organization, cares more about creating empowering stories for their consultants than they do about making money. 

But here is the incredible thing – by focusing on adding value in the lives of others, and creating empowering stories for each and every consultant, the money has followed, probably more so than anyone could have ever expected.


This ethos – of caring more about others than about yourself – is fundamental to the culture of Scentsy because it has been taught, and continually acted upon,  by Scentsy owners Orville and Heidi Thompson.  Through their example they have created a culture of generosity, an ethos of giving, that trickles down to company employees who consistently go the extra mile to make the experience of each Scentsy consultant a positive, fun and empowering one.

joal curtis

Everything in Scentsy is directed at enhancing the experience of the consultant.

Think about it:  Scentsy as an organization spends millions – I repeat millions – of dollars annually on things designed to enhance the experience, and enjoyment of their consultants.  Things like free incentive vacations –that we have personally been the benefactor of many times.  These are expenditures that they don’t have to make, and frankly expenditures that decrease the owners “bottom line”.

Never in my life, prior to joining Scentsy, had I worked for a single organization who spent on the scale that Scentsy spends to enhance the experience of those in their community.

Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 was filled with examples:

A private concert by Sara Bareilles:

sara bareilles

A private concert by Train:


A private show by Jim Gaffigan, and many other examples of entertainment and inspiring speakers, whose sole purpose was to enhance the experience of Scentsy Consultants, at the cost of Scentsy corporate.

Even the top award for Scentsy consultants, an award that we were very honoured to receive last year, is based on giving.

The Shining Star Award isn’t awarded to the consultants who make the most money, or recruit the most people. Unlike other direct sales companies who parade around the stage showing larger than life pay cheques, Scentsy honors those who “give” the most.  Not those who “take” the most.  Their top honour is awarded to the people who best serve.  It is awarded to the consultants who show the best examples of giving, and it is a peer nominated award.

shining star

The people who run Scentsy, and the consultants that comprise its sales force have tapped into something special – something that not everyone gets to experience in life – the power of a positive community.  A community where there is a consistent and intentional effort, on everyone’s behalf, to help others succeed.  A culture where the dominant mindset is that “a rising tide will lift all ships”.

In a day when corporate greed is commonplace –  where we often cynically joke about the lies that we hear from government, regardless of their place on the ideological spectrum, it is refreshing, and reassuring, to be part of an organization that truly values people.  Who understands that the greatest asset, for long term profit, is people, and that the prospects, and profits, of a company are entirely dependent on the empowerment of those who work for it.


We are proud to be Scentsy Independent Consultants.  We are proud to be associated with an organization that wants it’s members to have legacies and write empowering stories of their own.  We are proud to call, as friends, Scentsy owners Heidi and Orville Thompson, who believe that each consultant’s personal story, and legacy, is as important as theirs, and who treat each and every consultant with respect, and who make everyone feel, even the brand new consultants, like they are the most valued company asset.

Well done Scentsy!  Well done!