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The Psychology Of No Lesson 9 – Don’t Mistake Marketing For Prospecting

We want to hear the word “yes” in our business right? Yes to host, yes to buy, yes to join. Well in order to hear “yes” we have to put ourselves in a position where we might hear the word “no”. Any time we put ourself in a position to hear the word “no” we are prospecting.

Unfortunately most consultants spend their time “marketing”, not “prospecting”. Marketing is all other business activities that aren’t prospecting. Any activity (like placing flyers and business cards around, online activities, planning, creating brochures, working on the website, and many more) where we will never hear the word ‘No” is marketing.

We need to do more “prospecting” and less “marketing”. In this business “prospecting” is what gets the largest results. Why do we spent time marketing? Because it is easier, and it isn’t scary like prospecting is.

The Scentsy Fall Winter 2014 Catalogue Is Now Available!

The Scentsy Fall Winter 2014 Catalogue is now available.  Browse our entire collection of artfully designed warmers, evocative fragrances, and easy-to-use products. Download your copy of our Fall/Winter Catalog today.

Click here to download the Catalogue, or click on the Catalogue image below:

Scentsy Product Catalogue
Scentsy Fall Winter 2014 Catalogue

The Catalogue features the newest Scentsy Warmers and Fragrances including the latest in the Layers Bath and Body Line.

Here are some pictures and promotions from the  Catalogue:

New Fragrances

New “Falling For Layers Hand Care” 

New Falling For Layers Laundry Care

Scentsy Fall Winter 2014 Catalogue

New Charitable Cause Warmer 

New  Stella Unicorn Buddy

New Fun Warmers For The Fall Selling Season

Fall Warmer


Trick or Treat Warmers

New Scout The Dragon Scentsy Buddy 

Scentsy Fall Winter 2014 Catalogue