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An Incredible Promotion To Join Scentsy As An Independent Consultant

 Join July 2015 Promo
An Incredible Promotion To Join Scentsy As An Independent Consultant
For a limited time only (for the month of July 2015) Scentsy is offering a special promotion for new consultants to join.  It only costs $59 CDN ($49 US) to join in the month of July.  This is a 55% discount from the regular cost of joining.  With your enrolment you get a starter kit (detailed above) that is worth more than the cost of joining.

Scentsy Is Launching In New Zealand On March 10th, 2015

As of March 10, 2015 The Scentsy Family is launching in New Zealand.

Join Scentsy In New Zealand on March 10th, 2015 By Clicking Here

Be part of one of the fastest growing direct sales opportunities in the world by becoming an Independent Scentsy Consultant in New Zealand

Click here to sign up, on March 10th, 2015 as a new New Zealand Scentsy Independent Consultant.

Scentsy began in 2004 in a 40-foot ocean container on a small sheep farm is now an international company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho with a network of over 200,000 passionate entrepreneurs.

The simplicity and value of its flagship product, scented, wickless candles heated in decorative ceramic warmers, provides a better alternative to burning wicked candles.

Scentsy Fragrance also offers the Scentsy Buddy, large and small versions of plush animals with a fragrant Scent Pak™ inside and Layers by Scentsy, a personalized fragrance experience that lets customers build a signature scent using 11 body and laundry care products.

Scentsy Family Consultants are now able to bring Scentsy Fragrance to New Zealand (Starting March 10th). This is a ground floor opportunity that is unique in a direct sales model.

New consultants in New Zealand have the incredible opportunity to be the first consultants to grow their business in these new direct sales hotbed as of March 10th, 2015.

In 2009 we had the opportunity to be one of the first consultants to open Scentsy Canada. This has been a life changing and truly amazing experience for us.

Here is our story: https://meghannclements.scentsy.ca/Scentsy/Bio

Don’t wast a minute.  Join Scentsy in New Zealand On March 10th

Tips To Build An International Scentsy Business


  1. Do a status update like this on Facebook, re-post it once a week for a month.   Notice that I am asking people “if they know anyone”, you aren’t directly telling people to join. You are seeking input. People love to share, it is a natural tendency. We have done status updates like this and generated interest (which has led to people wanting to sign up). Include a link to your PWS story with the status update.

I am an independent consultant with the Scentsy Family. I love this business and its products. Being an independent consultant has been an amazing blessing in my life. On [insert date] the Scentsy Family will be expanding to [insert international market]. This is an exciting business opportunity. If you know anyone who lives in these areas that would be interested in this opportunity please message me. Thank You!

  1. Reach out to your down line and encourage them to post similar status updates, and also to do the additional steps below.
  1. Update your “Story” on your PWS. People are going to want to read about your experience. Make sure that you include the emotional side of this business, and provide details about the things that you love about being an independent Scentsy consultant (the team connections, the relationships, etc). It is not always about the $$ when people join. Many people join for other reasons like friendship, emotional, social, and community.
  1. Look at your friends list on Facebook. Get a pen and a piece of paper and write a list of the 50 people who you are most comfortable talking to. This will likely be friends and family. Send them a Facebook email that shortly (in one paragraph or less) explains your excitement and passion as a Scentsy consultant. Then in the next paragraph tell them that:

On [insert date] the Scentsy Family will be expanding to [insert international location]. This is an exciting business opportunity. If you know anyone who lives in these areas that would be interested in this opportunity please message me. Thank You!

Then include a link to your Scentsy Story. This is a no pressure email. You are just putting out the word. You may have already talked to them about joining Scentsy in the past, but this is different. Remember, you are asking them “if they know anyone who would be interested”. It is not pressure. It is totally acceptable.

  1. Do a follow up phone call or Skype with the people who respond back to you positively. If they give you a referral, ask for their permission to contact them. Remember we are not in the business of pressure. We are just trying to spread a potential blessing.
  1. Search Facebook relating to the international market you are interested in and look for specific groups that could be interested in Scentsy. For example mom entrepreneurs, women in business, direct selling, network marketing, etc. in the country you are interested in. Get creative with your searches. You are trying to find groups that will BE INTERESTED in this. You are not trying to spam people. Once you find a group that you think might work, post your status update from point #1 above.
  1. Reach out to your online and organic customers. This can be through a contact management program (like constant contact) or just through a simple email. Your email is basically going to be the same email that you sent to the top 50 people. First a simple paragraph on why you love being a Scentsy consultant. Then a simple paragraph telling them that it is expanding to the international market of your choice and then a link back to your story on your PWS. We have converted many customers to consultants over the years. This expansion opportunity may perk their interest.
  1. Reach out to your former hosts. Call them on the phone or email them. If you email them then use the same script that you used for the 50 people (see point #4).
  1. If you have a personal blog then do a blog post on the international expansion. If you need details or wording, there is a FAQ that can be found in the workstation under the resources tab. Also there are details in the news tab. If you don’t have a personal blog – set up a blog and do your very first post on why you love being a Scentsy consultant and the international expansion.
  1. Do a YouTube video on how much you love being a Scentsy Family consultant. Then discuss the international expansion. If you don’t know how to do a YouTube Video then send me a Facebook message. If you are scared of YouTube, get over it J
  1. Expand your list of 50 closest people to a list of 100 and repeat step #4.
  1. If you use Twitter and LinkedIn then do a similar status post from point #1. If you don’t use Twitter and LinkedIn then sign up for Twitter and LinkedIn and do a status post from point #1.
  1. Go on Google and search for forums or blogs for people who may be interested in this opportunity (similar to your Facebook group searches). Join the forums, contribute in the communities. Share your story and the opportunity.
  1. Look for organizations within your local community that represent people from these countries. Like country based community associations. Reach out to them. Tell them your story and share the opportunity. No pressure. Just sharing!
  1. Remember in all of this: don’t assume you know who is interested. Your job is just to share the opportunity and let them decide. You are sharing a potential blessing. You are not pressuring people. Your act of sharing could be the blessing that they are waiting for. Finally when you talk to people, make sure you smile! You are an ambassador for this business.
  1. Get over to the country that you are interested in, as soon as you can.  This is a “high touch” business.  You have to connect, you have to build real relationships.  Use Skype or GotoMeeting if you can’t afford the trip.  Invest long term in the country you are trying to build in.

The Psychology Of No Lesson 9 – Don’t Mistake Marketing For Prospecting

We want to hear the word “yes” in our business right? Yes to host, yes to buy, yes to join. Well in order to hear “yes” we have to put ourselves in a position where we might hear the word “no”. Any time we put ourself in a position to hear the word “no” we are prospecting.

Unfortunately most consultants spend their time “marketing”, not “prospecting”. Marketing is all other business activities that aren’t prospecting. Any activity (like placing flyers and business cards around, online activities, planning, creating brochures, working on the website, and many more) where we will never hear the word ‘No” is marketing.

We need to do more “prospecting” and less “marketing”. In this business “prospecting” is what gets the largest results. Why do we spent time marketing? Because it is easier, and it isn’t scary like prospecting is.

Psychology of “No” Lesson 7 – We Are The Problem, And We Are The Solution

Psychology of “No” Lesson 7 – We Are The Problem, And We Are The Solution

Have you ever said any of these things about your business:
No one wants to host a party?
No one wants to buy?
No one wants to join?

Do you realize what you are doing when you say this? You are disempowering yourself. You are saying that the “problem” exists outside of you. Well if the problem exists out of you then the “solution” also exists outside of you. So you have no control. Consultants who stay in this mindset eventually quit. I have seen it over and over. Don’t let it happen to you. You are the solution (but that also means that you have to accept that you might be the problem also). The problem is our unwillingness to step outside of our comfort zone on a consistent basis and approach a large number of people.


The Psychology of “No” Lesson 4 – Hearing No Is Your Investment Cost

The Psychology of “No” Lesson 4 – Hearing No Is Your Investment Cost

If you went and purchased a Franchise you would have to put up a large sum of money before you even could earn $1. If you had a restaurant you would have to put up your own money to build out the space before the first customer walked in the door. Guess what? As a Scentsy Independent Consultant you also have an investment cost. But it isn’t $. Your starter kit was a small cost, but you still have more costs to pay. But they aren’t measured in $$. They are measured in emotions, courage and actions.

Hearing “No” is the cost of investment for you to make real $$ in this business.

Join Scentsy In August 2014 For Special Promotion

Join Scentsy In August 2014

Have you ever wanted to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant?  Do you know a friend or acquaintance who is a Scentsy Independent Consultant and you see them going on free incentive trips and having a great time and you want to do that too?  Do you love Scentsy Fragrance products and you know that you would be awesome at selling this?  Well don’t delay.  Now is the time to join Scentsy.  If you Join Scentsy in August 2014 you are eligible for special, timely, offers and incentives.  Read on!

If you Join Scentsy in August 2014 you basically receive a 2 for 1 starter kit.  From Aug. 1 to 31, the new Consultant Starter Kit will include Spring/Summer 2013 testers and catalogs AND Fall/Winter 2013 testers and catalogs at no additional cost. From Sept. 1 to Feb. 28, the new Consultant Starter Kit will include Fall/Winter 2013 testers and catalogs.

If you are in Canada you can Join Scentsy in August 2014 for $119 CDN

If you are in the US you can Join Scentsy in August 2014 for $99 US

If you are Australia you can Join Scentsy in August 2014 for $139 AUD

This is a huge savings!  Don’t delay.  Sign up today.  

Join Scentsy In August 2014

Click here to Join Scentsy in August 2014 and start today to build the business or your dreams, from home!

Join Scentsy In June Special Promotion

Join Scentsy in June
Join Scentsy in June

Why Join in June?  The Perks This Month Are Too Good To Pass Up!


A new lifestyle. Choose your hours, by your own boss, and enliven your world with amazing products

Only $119. Contents may vary.


Everything you need to launch your new business—for just $119:

  • 80+ scent testers to share with party guests
  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Buddies, and Bars
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochures


We’ll support you each step of the way:

  • Personal Website FREE for 3 months ($12/month after that)
  • FREE online Workstation to run your business
  • No inventory to manage
  • Live phone support
  • World-class training

Click here to Join Scentsy Today

Become a Scentsy Independent Consultant Today

Join Our Team

Become a Scentsy Independent Consultant Today

Why should I join?

Scentsy provides an amazing opportunity to launch your own Candle Business with rapid growth opportunities. When you join Scentsy and become an Independent Consultant, opportunity is yours to discover! You might be looking for a Full time job you can work from home, part time job you can do on evenings and weekends or just a little extra cash so you can make that car payment, its up to you and you can succeed at any of these. Pick your own work hours, choose your own dress code-mine usually consists of a cute Scentsy t shirt and comfy pj pants=) You will meet and create new friendships all along the way.. There’s many different reasons Consultants sign up to sell Scentsy from home . . . the best part about it is that no matter the reason, you instantly belong to a whole new Family, your Scentsy Family!

Some may worry that there are already too many Consultants in their area and wonder if they would be able to drum up business. It is crucial to remember that …it’s not who you know, it’s who your customers know and who your friends or co-workers know. Every time you go to a Scentsy party, you will meet new people. Think of all those new people and they people they know. Trust me , Scentsy is like the best smelling virus around. It will spread itself and you just need to make yourself available to expose it to more and more people! If you asked every person at your parties to take 3 minutes and write down 20 names of people that they think would LOVE Scentsy, look how many new people you could work with that will most likely turn into customers, hosts or team mates!!!  For $119 Canadian (plus GST & Shipping) why not give it a try, put some effort into selling scentsy and who knows where it will lead you. Think of it this way- If you have ever bought yourself a new pair of leather bots, you probably spent more on the boots than the cost of you starter kit. Trust me, it was THE BEST $119 (plus GST & Shipping) investment I EVER bought.

When you sign up to sell Scentsy you will be an independent business owner. You now have the flexibility to keep your own hours, work from home, or if you are like me and most women that are MASTER multi-taskers- work from your car, the mall parking lot, while getting your nails done- you get the point! You can work as little or as much as you want, and earn fabulous rewards and incentive trips. I have been to Hawaii in 2010 and going to Disney World with my whole family and my dad (Grandpa) even gets to come as a guest with us. There trips are completely free and I earned them by doing something I love to do anyhow which is SHARE SCENTSY with everyone I could! As a Consultant, you may be able to earn 20-25% on your sales, you can also receive leadership bonuses of up to 9% on the entire downline volume of the Scentsy Consultants that sign up under you. Joining Scentsy will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made hands down!!

Scentsy Candle Business Scentsy Wickless Candles offers one of the most generous compensation plans.  You can make Up to 30% Commission off every sale and up to 9% royalties off your entire downline volume. This will add up very quickly which results in a business you can work from home! For those with small kids at home and struggle with making those day care/day home payments- this could be the perfect fit! I was able to quit my job as a social worker 1 year after I joined Scentsy as the income was much higher with Scentsy. Everyone will grow their own business differently. I will gladly share with you exactly what I have done to be able to work 100% from home and be very satisfied with how I am being compensated

Want to become a Consultant but not sure you have time to do many Home parties? NO PROBLEM-You really don’t have to. When you join Scentsy and become a Consultant, you can round up orders from friends ,neighbours, coworkers, family or you can have a BOOK party and share our mini tester kit (80 small tester samples) with you’re your contacts. You can drop off a BASKET party at offices where lots of ladies work( dental offices, schools, salons, you name it) and I promise you they will love sitting in their staff room at lunch and smelling all your little samples. You can simply pop back in a few days later and round up your supplies and move it to the next office of waiting Scentsy customers. You can also share your Scentsy website with everyone you know and host online parties where people can directly order from your website and it will be shipped RIGHT to their home and you STILL get paid for it!! Being a Scentsy rep is an easy job because so many of your customers will come looking for YOU as once they run out of wax they will always need more. It is such a perfect gift too that you will hear from people needing wedding, birthday or house warming gifts. Scentsy also changes its scents around every catalog so your customers will be dying to know what your newest scents are!

You will realize very quickly that it’s an incredibly easy business to build from . The product sells itself, there is no script to memorize for your parties. You can be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!!! You get to run your party in whatever way you are most comfortable with. Just by sharing with others about your new business, you will see that Scentsy is special and unique. When you make a decision to join Scentsy, that’s when your business takes off.

Join Today for Just $119 Canadian (Plus GST & Shipping)

Also, you may be interested in joining the Scentsy Family, as an Independent Consultant, with one of the other brands such as Grace Adele, or Velata.   If you are interested in either of these brands please Contact Us.