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Tips To Build An International Scentsy Business


  1. Do a status update like this on Facebook, re-post it once a week for a month.   Notice that I am asking people “if they know anyone”, you aren’t directly telling people to join. You are seeking input. People love to share, it is a natural tendency. We have done status updates like this and generated interest (which has led to people wanting to sign up). Include a link to your PWS story with the status update.

I am an independent consultant with the Scentsy Family. I love this business and its products. Being an independent consultant has been an amazing blessing in my life. On [insert date] the Scentsy Family will be expanding to [insert international market]. This is an exciting business opportunity. If you know anyone who lives in these areas that would be interested in this opportunity please message me. Thank You!

  1. Reach out to your down line and encourage them to post similar status updates, and also to do the additional steps below.
  1. Update your “Story” on your PWS. People are going to want to read about your experience. Make sure that you include the emotional side of this business, and provide details about the things that you love about being an independent Scentsy consultant (the team connections, the relationships, etc). It is not always about the $$ when people join. Many people join for other reasons like friendship, emotional, social, and community.
  1. Look at your friends list on Facebook. Get a pen and a piece of paper and write a list of the 50 people who you are most comfortable talking to. This will likely be friends and family. Send them a Facebook email that shortly (in one paragraph or less) explains your excitement and passion as a Scentsy consultant. Then in the next paragraph tell them that:

On [insert date] the Scentsy Family will be expanding to [insert international location]. This is an exciting business opportunity. If you know anyone who lives in these areas that would be interested in this opportunity please message me. Thank You!

Then include a link to your Scentsy Story. This is a no pressure email. You are just putting out the word. You may have already talked to them about joining Scentsy in the past, but this is different. Remember, you are asking them “if they know anyone who would be interested”. It is not pressure. It is totally acceptable.

  1. Do a follow up phone call or Skype with the people who respond back to you positively. If they give you a referral, ask for their permission to contact them. Remember we are not in the business of pressure. We are just trying to spread a potential blessing.
  1. Search Facebook relating to the international market you are interested in and look for specific groups that could be interested in Scentsy. For example mom entrepreneurs, women in business, direct selling, network marketing, etc. in the country you are interested in. Get creative with your searches. You are trying to find groups that will BE INTERESTED in this. You are not trying to spam people. Once you find a group that you think might work, post your status update from point #1 above.
  1. Reach out to your online and organic customers. This can be through a contact management program (like constant contact) or just through a simple email. Your email is basically going to be the same email that you sent to the top 50 people. First a simple paragraph on why you love being a Scentsy consultant. Then a simple paragraph telling them that it is expanding to the international market of your choice and then a link back to your story on your PWS. We have converted many customers to consultants over the years. This expansion opportunity may perk their interest.
  1. Reach out to your former hosts. Call them on the phone or email them. If you email them then use the same script that you used for the 50 people (see point #4).
  1. If you have a personal blog then do a blog post on the international expansion. If you need details or wording, there is a FAQ that can be found in the workstation under the resources tab. Also there are details in the news tab. If you don’t have a personal blog – set up a blog and do your very first post on why you love being a Scentsy consultant and the international expansion.
  1. Do a YouTube video on how much you love being a Scentsy Family consultant. Then discuss the international expansion. If you don’t know how to do a YouTube Video then send me a Facebook message. If you are scared of YouTube, get over it J
  1. Expand your list of 50 closest people to a list of 100 and repeat step #4.
  1. If you use Twitter and LinkedIn then do a similar status post from point #1. If you don’t use Twitter and LinkedIn then sign up for Twitter and LinkedIn and do a status post from point #1.
  1. Go on Google and search for forums or blogs for people who may be interested in this opportunity (similar to your Facebook group searches). Join the forums, contribute in the communities. Share your story and the opportunity.
  1. Look for organizations within your local community that represent people from these countries. Like country based community associations. Reach out to them. Tell them your story and share the opportunity. No pressure. Just sharing!
  1. Remember in all of this: don’t assume you know who is interested. Your job is just to share the opportunity and let them decide. You are sharing a potential blessing. You are not pressuring people. Your act of sharing could be the blessing that they are waiting for. Finally when you talk to people, make sure you smile! You are an ambassador for this business.
  1. Get over to the country that you are interested in, as soon as you can.  This is a “high touch” business.  You have to connect, you have to build real relationships.  Use Skype or GotoMeeting if you can’t afford the trip.  Invest long term in the country you are trying to build in.